Low vs. high blood pressure

Wonder if it makes a difference. I’m just curious who has high and who has low blood pressure. I’ve always had low and the last two times i went to the dr. it was about 86/66 or something like that although it doeesn’t register that low on my machine at home.

I’ve had people tell me - no wonder you are dizzy. hummm


Mine was always very low (around 80 or 90/60), but has now sneaked up into normal as I have got a bit older (100/70), and I must admit I feel the benefit of this, as I used to faint occasionally (usually when I’d been standing still for a long time) and I don’t seem to any more.

Do you feel like your dizzy problems are related to your blood pressure? I know someone on another forum, who has a condition called orthostatic hypotension which causes a lot of dizzy problems. You might like to look this up and see if it sounds like it fits with your symptoms. Just thought I would mention it.

Medically though, having low blood pressure is generally considered to be a positive thing. You have a much lower risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease etc. :smiley:

My BP has always been bang on normal…

Mine’s always normal.

Mine is very low…89/59 today…
My cardiologist says, DAmn that’s low! Eat some salt.
I gotta love the medical advice…


Mine was lower side of normal till I hit my late 50s. Then it went high, and it’s now stabilized with a calcium channel blocker.

Used to be a lot lower, now around 110 over 65.


Blood pressure = low end of normal for me
blood sugar - usually low. Once thought to have insulinoma by docs - but didn’t



I have reactive hypoglycemia. I was also checked out for insulinoma.


Thanks all for replying. I was just curious


Mine is low. 60/90 is normal for me.

When would your blood pressure start to rise in pregnancy? I had preeclampsyia with my first born and had high blood pressure later in the pregnancy but with this one I am having blood pressure reading of 159/98… will it only get worse earlier and what can I do to keep it lower? Oh and is the reading I got a normal one in first trimester?

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My bp is very affected by situations. My resting bp is 95/65, but if I have coffee it can go to 120/80, and if I am mad and running around it can go higher. I already take .75 atenolol.