Lying down

I get vertigo everytime i lie down and get up for about 5-10 seconds. Also sometimes when i lie down at night my head hurts at the side and back and when it does this the next day i am off balance and my head feels awful.
Anyone else?

Have you been checked to make sure you don’t have BPPV as well as MAV? People with MAV are apparently more predisposed to get BPPV as well. I’ve certainly had both, and the main symptom of the BPPV side of things was getting vertigo on lying down and getting back up again.

Hi yes I have problems lying down. Not been able to in 18 months. I don’t have bppv been checked a few times for that. As soon as I lie down I begin to go dizzy. On really bad days I get a faint feeling too. Lose colour but not conciousness. I sit up in bed every night and still go dizzy when I close my eyes. If its really bad and I start to feel sick I get up but mostly I ride through the dizziness till I must fall asleep. Angela