Lying Flat - 100% aggravation of symptoms!

While I am on a roll, I thought I would throw out some more anecdotal data about my situation.

When I wake up in the morning, I am at my absolute worst. Foggy, ears ringing, ears full, etc.

My second worst feeling is when I wake up from a nap…let’s say sleeping as best I can for about an hour or so. (Lying flat)

I feel my ear issues, tinnuitis and disequilbrium ALWAYS…but it is exponentially worse after laying flat.

Is that a “tell - tell” sign that should be examined / investigated? Could it be related to my suspected E.T. / ear drum issues that I think are going on?

Just curious :o


I always feel worse in the mornings… The chronic tinnitus tends to be especially loud in the mornings (though maybe it’s just that I notice more when I’m not in the middle of doing something). I also have to be careful about my pillows. Been trying to get that right for years now! If it’s too tall, I wake up with a monstrous headache. If it’s too flat, the visual vertigo ramps up. (I woke up one morning last week and noticed I’d slid down and my head was nearly flat on the bed - I had the worst vertigo that day than I’ve had in probably 2 years. It gradually wore off as the day went on, but I wasn’t sure if I would even make it to work that morning, and I really needed to be there…)

I never lay flat. Three pillows, top one feather and bent over at the sides to prevent head rolling from side to side. Only way to prevent vertigo for me. Sleep on my back, never on side.

Me too Christine, almost three years now that I have sat propped up in bed. Oh to be able to snuggle in on my side on one pillow!! I too wake up having slid down the bed flat and end up with really bad vertigo. Was told by neurologist this week that this will never improve and I should just accept it and get on with it (easier said than done hey)

One positive from it though is that I don’t have puffy eyes at all anymore, in fact my wrinkles definitely smoother on my face :slight_smile: Lying on my side I used to get puffy eyes in the morning and creases down my face. Its the only positive though!

ang why does your neuro say this is permanent? what meds have u tried? is he willing to keep trying them with you?

Hi Sarah

Sorry for the delay, computer broke!! The neurologist said that the vestibular function I had lost would never return and that I would have to sleep propped up forever to avoid vertigo. That was it, no other explanation. A horrible thought of having to sleep this way for rest of my life.

Hope you are well


can u get another opinion?

From whom Sarah think I have seen every ENT specialist in the north west over 15 years and now I am onto neurologists :smiley: It is so frustrating

have any of them mentioned mav as a cause of your symptoms? werent u prescribed topamax at one point? was that to treat mav? also didnt u try pizotifen is this for mav too?