Lyme Tests Reliable?

it seems like Lyme tests are not reliable. I really don’t trust them.
People are getting negative results when they have Lyme and are also getting possible results when they don’t have Lyme

I found it hard to believe that this women has passed it on to her kids … e-disease/

Am i right in saying that a Lyme doctor will not diagnose you with Lyme just from positive tests? They use it as an indicator. They look at your symptoms, history, test results etc.

Yes could someone help with that question. If your test is positive for Lyme, why does that not necessarily mean you have Lyme? I would have thought with most tests if you test positive then you have whatever you were testing for…so why do they also need to look at your history if you have a positive test?? Is it because the test is not very accurate or are they saying you might harbour Lyme but it might not be causing your symptoms?? Lyme seems to be so confusing!

I agree Jem , it is v confusing. As far as I can tell, I think the Western Blot shows exposure to the Lyme spirochete but it’s an unknown quantity as to how many people may have been exposed in the past but be asymptomatic. So a doctor will use the test to show past exposure, combine this with your set of symptoms, risk of exposure etc and make a clinical diagnosis. If you have positive tests I don’t think it means u defo have an active infection…