I got stuck down a rabbit hole on Lyme and it has given me a lot of anxiety so I wanted to ask about it. My symptoms are 24/7 rocking which changes in severity but I feel has gotten worse over the year. I also have more frequent headaches and head pressure. Sometimes marshmallow floor. Is it possible to have Lyme without noticing any initial acute symptoms? Is it possible to have Lyme without the other symptoms like swollen or painful joints, etc.?

These are all common MAV symptoms. I wouldn’t get all worried. Definitely sounds like anxiety talking.

If you must discuss Lyme disease please post on an existing Lyme Topic. Unfortunately you are very unlikely to find a Lyme SME on here.

I personally believe Lyme disease can be a convenient label for conditions we don’t fully understand …

… and it’s also an anxiety trap. I would urge you to discuss your anxiety with your care provider. Health anxiety is horrid and can make you feel wretched. It’s best to talk to someone qualified to help keep it under control. That’s an ongoing challenge with MAV as I’m sure you recognise.