Lymphatic drainage


has anyone tried lymphatic drainage? I read that there could be a link between Toxoplasmosis and migraine and that Lymphatic drainage is a good way to treat it.

Yes, tried a form of lymphatic drainage known as enema :slight_smile: .
Since migraines, MAV, PPPD, and the like are all related to “vatta dosha vitiation” (per Ayurveda) and the principal seat of vatta is in the colon then it makes sense to try this method. It is simple and very effective.
By contrast, surgery for instance is a very complex therapy and usually not quite as effective.
Most health problems, including seemingly intractable ones seem to have surprisingly simple solutions.

Hello Sniko

So in your opinion it’s worth a try ? Did you find that it truly helped your condition ?


Yes, it helped me.
When I faced my PPPD symptoms I did not know what I’m dealing with.
Neither do doctors, it’s mystery, neither a terminal illness nor fully treatable. So they manage it like all allophatic medical professional do. With meds (dr prescribed diazepam to me which I never took), CBT, even surgery.
My decision was to work on health issues that I knew about, such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, stiff joints, persistent sinus trouble. To this end I reduced carbs, practiced hatha yoga, drank liquid magnesium and other electrolytes, taped my mouth at night to improve oxygenation of blood and tissues (and stopped breathing through my mouth), did intermittent fasting, and the most recent thing to try was cleansing enemas, as well as the absorption variety.
All of these things have helped me to come back to health.
The effect of enemas is very powerful, though initially I could not connect the surge of energy and cellular rejuvenation to them. I am not an expert though and cannot offer any advice on best practices.