Lyrica Dosage


I’ve been on Lyrica 50mg 3 times a day for 1 month, and Pizotifen for 1.5mg. Overall, I would say I’m at 80%.

I guess it doesn’t help I’m constantly travelling with work, but has anybody seen a change when they have bumped up the Lyrica?

I’m not sure if its the Piz keeping me stable (but not symptom free), and if the Lyrica is doing anything. I’ve had zero side effects from Lyrica, and I will be increasing soon.



were u on celexa too? not sure about the lyrica i think u are still at a pretty low dose.

Hi Sarah

Yes I was, but I have since come off that as did not want to be on multiple amounts of drugs.

HI Luke,
I am just checking in after a long spell away (no particular reason) and see you are switching meds.
What happened? Last I remember you were doing pretty good for a long period of time?


Yeah I’ve had a rough six months or so, before that I had been fairly stable on Citalopram (Celexa) but it seemed to stop working (or perhaps it was placebo).

I’m now on Pizotifen 1.5mg (2 months) and have been on Lyrica for 1 month, just bumped to 300mg a day.

Still not feeling great, in fact pretty all over the place. I do have a hectic travel and work schedule at mo which I don’t think is helping things.

Thanks for checking in,

So the Celexa pooped out on you? The SSRI’s are kind of known for that. You could have upped the dose, or considered an SNRI, which have a less likely rate of pooping out.
How’s your mood?
Can you tell me how you tapered off Celexa?

the ssris can poop out too when it comes to anxiety prozac did that for me but when i upped the dose it helped more. but obviously anxiety is way different then mav but yea sometimes upping the dose does the trick. I dont blame u for not wanting to be on 3 of these meds at the same time, then they start interacting with each other and can make things even more complicated. good luck with the lyrica let us know if it helps!

I think the therapeutic dose for lyrica is 300-600mg. Dr surenthiran wanted me between 300-450mg. Did u start the pizotifen first?

Hi Kelley

My mood is fine.

I dropped the Celexa over a period of a few weeks, having gone up to 30mg (to see if an extra 10mg helped).

I tolerate the drug well, so can always go back onto it - it just never gets me to 100% alone.

In the past it had always been Pizotifen that has got me out of the woods, so was keen to trial that again and add something new in (Lyrica).

We will see how it goes - its not helping I have such a hectic work schedule, but after 10 years Im determined that this illness doesn’t mess with things that I enjoy (job etc).