Lyrica dose + life & all that

i am at 6 week mark on Lyrica, one night one day total 150mg
i was hoping to stay at this dose as i don’t want any further dopiness,
maybe it’s just an episode i need to get through
but i am really tired of this
the lyrica seemed to be helping until these last 2 days
It seemed to halt the repetitive split second faint feelings I was getting
like a short intake of breath, (just as a way to describe it).
anyway I got a constricted feeling around my throat, now i am really off-balance
and back to being confused and upset.
I’m just sick of the “do i take a valium or not, do i take a ibuprofen or not, increase the
dose or not, eat this or not, go here or there or nowhere stay home”.
someone said about looking haggard in the mirror - I think I’m looking like a bag-lady more and more
at least I don’t smell like one, being so smell sensitive
It’s just hard to sort of ‘get into’ my life

Hi Rebzi,

I too am on lyrica 150mg per day. I have only been on this medication for 12 days and as yet I haven’t felt a great improvement. But I know it’s early days! I have just been diagnosed with MAV in December after 20 years of vertigo do Dr Surenthiran said mine would be a slow recovery! At least I’m finally on the road!

I am on the MAV diet Dr S recommends, the 6 C’s I don’t take any other meds. I’ve read that you shouldn’t take ibuprofen but Valium is fine and lots of my friends on dizzy times take it. I have found that I had become phobic of movement because of a terrible episode. I didn’t bend for over a month! Well I did but I kept my head upright. Now when I do bend I experience vertigo! The psychological side of this illness is profound! Is it possible you gave become phobic and hyper vigilant? Therefore you’re not moving properly? The brain will then react when you do!

I experienced this during a Dix hall pike manoeuvre during my appointment with Dr S. I hadn’t laid down for ages and didn’t want the manoeuvre and was panicking! I felt vertigo and told him, but he said no! I didn’t have vertigo of an organic origin, it was my brain reacting to previous episodes that had traumatised me. I didn’t think this was possible, but have found it to be!

Hope this helps a little