Lyrica up date

Well I’ve been on Lyrica 600mg for about two months now. The sedation has worn off and I can concentrate now. The improvement is on good days about 70% so that I can do far more. i’m not sure if its the meds or simply a remission. I do have off days …having one right now . This is scary because I fear the meds will stop working. I feel as if I am walking a tight rope with the drug …just waiting to fall off.

Dr S introduced a further drug…a type of blood pressure drug but the dizzies do not like it so I have pulled off it. An interesting thing happened a week ago. I awoke to a spin and three hours later after 8 months clear…I suddenly had a period!

I do wonder whether when I see him next if another drug like pregbalin can be introduced ? Who knows!

Hi Fiona,

Yes it’s hard to know what’s a remission you would have had even if you’d taken nothing, or whether the drug is working. I’ve felt like that all along, until I stopped one and within about a week it was obvious I was going backwards again, as I started getting symptoms I’d not had for months. But even then it’s hard to know if that was psychosomatic, rather than a genuine biological response.

It’s great that you are seeing an improvement. But I think it’s likely that most people with MAV will still have some off days, even when they find a medication that gives them good control of it. It would be very unusual when treating normal migraines with preventative medication to get no migraines at all, so I don’t see why MAV would be any different to that?

Someone else on here said something about feeling 90% recovered, 90% of the time, and I think that’s probably a realistic goal, although we’d all hope for a total recovery of course!


Glad things are improving somewhat.

Just a query though - your last sentence said that the next drug that could be introduced might be Pregabalin… but Lyrica IS Pregabalin is it not…?

Wishing you continued improvement.

Muppo x

Hi Muppo, sorry what I meant was if the pregabalin works so far maybe the introduction of another anti convolsent might help more.

Ah!! Now I understand - gotcha.

I’m wondering if Dr S will give me a 2nd drug when I see him on the 22nd. I think I need something to calm down my brain as it’s in meltdown mode!


Fiona - I feel I’m in a very similar situation to you. I’m on 350mg a day so can obviously go up more, but I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve been to my GP several times in the last few weeks and that hasn’t gone well - their response tends to be “do you want to try something else”. Really I want them to tell me what to do!
I to am still having bad days with other days at around 70%. I feel some days as though I’m tipping over into having a spin
(if that makes sense!)
I’ve only had one spinning vertigo epsiode recently, the rest is an off balanced feeling.
Time of the month is still bad for me, but not like it used to be.
I may start to increase the Lyrica again and see what happens, however after the 3 stone weight gain since December I’m not looking forward to more weight going on!
Good luck - it’s good to know on the whole you’re feeling better - gives me hope!!

Is Lyrica the first med you’ve tried? I have heard a lot of good things about Lamictal for an anticonvulsant that seems well tolerated, and low incidence of weight gain. I am thinking that might be in my future if I don’t stay well on my current cocktail.
I am not sure, but feel 2 anticonvulsants would be too much…I think when they prescribe more than one med, they are usually from different classes as to hit different areas of the brain.


Hi Kelley, before the Lyrica I’d been on propanolol, pizotifen and something else I can’t remember! Nothing has given the improvements that Lyrica has, but I’m still not there yet! Daren’t really try anything else as I fear coming off Lyrica will send be back to the spins! The GP has given me 6 Valium for when things are bad, but I haven’t tried one yet - scared to!
Neuro has given GP list of other meds to try if Lyrica doesn’t work, but to be honest i’m not sure what classes as works or not! Can I expect to get my life back to how it was before?
Good luck

Lyrica doesn’t do the stuff that an antidepressant will do…and it’s not uncommon to have a cocktail of meds that will work for your particular brain issues…If you aren’t satisfied with the level of relief you’ve gotten from just the lyrica, I would consider adding either Celexa, or maybe even an antihistamine, like Periactin? Not sure where you live, but some others have good results from it. Should be easy to tolerate.
did the Pizotofin work for you?

Kelley, the pizotifen didn’t touch it! Thats why I don’t really want to try anything else - best results so far are on Lyrica. Decided today that if I get a bad episode again that I’m going to bite the bullet and take a valium!
Take care

Oh God dont be scared of Valium - its a wonder drug!!! Literally there is NOTHING to be fearful of.

I bloody love the stuff.

If my GP only gave me 6 I’d bitch slap him and tell him to add a zero to the end of that number and now we’re talking!


I feel cheated! No one has offered me Valium! I probably could use one, but I feel like if I ask for it, they will look at me funny. I sooooo miss having a drink once in a while! (which I imagine is kinda like taking a Valium) Everytime I think I might have one, I don’t feel so hot, so i just figure stay away from it. Oh well… :?