MagneDerm - Magnesium lotion

Hey all, does anyone have experience with magnesium lotion. It is called MagneDerm. It is supposedly a more easily absorbed manner of getting magnesium than taking the pill form supplements. I bought a bottle (brand is “designs for health”) it but haven’t tried it yet. Just curious if anyone has tried this stuff. Thank you. Ben

Sorry, Ben. i haven’t heard of it. I have been taking magnesium pills for a long time now with absolutely no success.

HI Ben,
I have never heard of this product but usually transdermal efficacy is less than oral efficacy which is less than getting your vitamins and minerals from real food. Are you trying this for headaches? How is the lexapro going?


Thanks Lisa x 2. I was trying it as an alternative to taking the tablet form. I have been taking the magnesium tablets for a while and have had nothing positive and thought this might be another alternative. On Lexapro, no success yet and still having much worse days (increased dizziness, headaches, grinding my teeth, etc). I will give it another week or two. It has been a total of 6 weeks, but only 3 at the full 10mg. MAVLisa, I hope you are enjoying some of the nicer weather we have been having here on the east coast. Dr Lisa, how has Topamax been going - I hope it is the one for you! Ben

Hi Ben,

I’ve never heard of the transdermal stuff myself. I take a brand here in Australia called “Ultra Muscleze” ( … ductid=104). It’s got some B vitamins in there as well. When I first started using it over a year ago it really perked me up. I don’t think I get much benefit from the magnesium in terms of migraine control but I stick with this stuff anyway because I get the B vits without any side effects or stomach upset.

Sorry to hear the lex is not doing much. I’m seeing the local GP today about Avanza (Remeron in the US). I know you’ll think I’m crazy Lisa, but Paxil at the higher dose (5 mg) amplified my emotions to a really uncomfortable level. Coming back down to a lower dose has been brutal on this stuff but at least stopped the emotional craziness. But now I’m totally on edge, with insomnia, and sapped of energy and with stomach pain –- this from 5 mg down to about 1.5 mg. Ben, is lexapro making you feel jacked up now or has that feeling passed?


Ben - I am sorry to hear that there haven’t been improvements. Gosh - you deserve a break. We all deserve to get better. Yes, weather was beautiful today. I managed to sit outside my house for a little while, but was feeling miserable of course. But, glad I pushed myself to get a little air.

Thanks, Scott. That does look like a good product. The feelings of being jacked up have passed with the exception of first thing in the morning. Other than that, I am very dizzy and tired most of the time, more so then when I was med free. I will give it a little more time, however. I hope that the Paxil wean gets smoother for you - that has got to be the worst part of the med trials. Not only do you find out that it doesnt work, but then after being punished on the way up you get nailed on the way down too! I am not looking forward to the wean off of Lexapro if it ends up not working for me. Lisa, I am glad you at least were able to get out and get some warm air and sunshine. I guess you are heading into your third trimester, so I hope that relief is coming your way very soon! Ben

Hey Ben,

How are you going with Lexapro? Are you on the way down? Any troubles?

I’m going to give Lex another go when I get back from my holiday in early Jan and see how it goes. The last time I tried it I was also on SJW and I boosted the Lex too quickly to 5 mg. I was off my head for 3 days and ditched it before a trip to Canada over a year ago. I didn’t want to risk the trip going down the drain. But considering I was good on Cipramil (the only SSRI I could get to a therapeutic dose although hated the SEs) it stands to reason that it should work for me, and maybe without the Cip side effects or to a lesser more tolerable degree. I’ve had it with Paxil. I can’t increase the dose of this stuff and I’m certain it’s messing up my gut – cramping and more gut aches than normal. At the current dose it’s not surprisingly doing anything for MAV. The only reason I’m not a train wreck 24/7 is because of strict lifestyle changes I stick too. But it’s too much … I’m walking on egg shells. Just hope the holiday is ok like this. MAV unplugged.


Hey Scott,

Well, I have been on the full 10 mg now for 8 weeks and it really hasn’t done anything positive yet. Still have the constant dizsiness, increased by activity or movement. I am still very light sensiitve and walking around the mall with the Holiday lights and noises and acton is debilitating. No trip to see Santa this year! I think my headaches may be a little increased also. I definitley noticed increased dizziness and brain fog when I was starting up but that settled within about 2-3 weeks. I went from 2.5 to 5 to 7.5 to 10 mg. Because I have been able to tolerate this one fairly well, my Dr wants me to increase up to 20. I started that process last week. I am not sure about going past 15 mg, however - I may stop there for a while and see. The Dr also wants me to go back to Verapamil or maybe try Atacand instead. I am not sure about this at this point but I was able to tolerate Verapamil fairly well and maybe a combo is what I need to kick this junk out. I haven’t seen much about Atacand on here but the thought is that it may be easier to handle than Verapamil and since I didn’t have overwhelming success with Verapamil maybe I should try a different one. Tough decision.

I think you are right to give Lexapro a shot especially with your prior experience with Cipramil. While I did notice increased dizziness and fogginess for the first few weeks, it wasn’t unbearable and now that I am at a good dose I am hoping I can more easily increase it to see if it could be the “one” for me.

Good luck and keep me posted.



I am saddened to hear that you aren’t feeling better. Please know that I’m thinking of you and hopeful that you will find the right treatment.