Magnesium and B2

I hope everyone isnt getting tired of all my posts and questions! If so, I’m so sorry!! You are all such a wealth of information and as you can tell, I’m frazzled with this whole mess.

I was told to take 400 mg of magnesium and 400 mg of B2 a day. I take 200 in the morning and 200 usually at dinner time or a little later if I forget. About the time that I started taking this vitamin increase I think is when my sleep started getting disrupted. I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep which in turn is causing the daily migraine.

Do you think these vitamins could be causing this? Has anyone had this happen to them?

Hi Tamsha,

I don’t take supplements myself but there’s a whole section of the forum dedicated to this. Have a browse here:


Post all you like Tamsha – we’ll never get tired of your Qs. Good advice by Vic to check out that forum. While there is evidence that those supplements should help your migraines it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be helping you and could be making things worse. If you think the supps are making you worse maybe you should consider dropping one and see if things improve. If not, drop the other one and again, see what happens. Depending on the outcome you could reintroduce them one at a time at a lower dose to see what the effect is.

I can’t handle B2 myself. It irritates my gut and causes sleep disruption as a result. They’re not for everyone.


Hi Tamsha
I’m sure we can all relate to the quagmire you are presently in… I do take 200mg B2 daily (usually can’t remember to take additional 200mg), and I take at least 400 mg. magnesium at night which helps me relax and sleep (anything higher causes me diarrhea). B2 may be too stimulating for you at this time or there may be an additional ingredient or filler in the formula that you bought that is setting you off - it’s happened to me countless times. Abandon anything that makes you feel lousy. Simple as that.
Keep the questions coming.

B2 made me worse.

I took a load of Bs before to find they were keeping me awake at night. If you take them, probably best to take them in the morning.

I have been taking magnesium (just 200 mg) at night for years. A blood test showed I was low. Just the 200 mg raised my level to normal (another blood test). This small amount reduced my constant 3 day migraines.


Never heard of it disrupting sleep. The combo is supposed to be very helpful and recommended by neurologists working in the field of migraine study. Try taking both in the morning first and then in the evening with your dinner and see if you notice a difference. I take both, am and pm, with meals. I lowered my B2 because it upset my stomach and had to slowly go up to the magnesium as to not have bathroom issues, but now all is fine.