Making more progress!

Hi everyone,
It’s been 2 months now since I’ve been on 50mg’s of Zoloft. I upped the dosage to 75mg’s 2 days ago. Anyhow, I feel I can safely say the vertigo has dramatically improved. I feel about 60% better on most days. This is huge for me as I’ve never had this much improvement in over 14 months. It’s such a slow process. It took about a month to really notice a change and each week there seems to be more improvement.

Over the winter I could hardly get out of bed. I was so depressed and the vertigo was so violent there were times I really didn’t want to live anymore. The torture of rocking in my head was literally driving me insane.

I’m still greatly bothered by the car, especially after the car motion. The shower, weather and hormones are still rough on me as well. However, overall, things have gotten so much better. I have hope, something I didn’t really have for a very long time. I can’t even remember all the meds I’ve tried before the Zoloft there were so many.

The headaches are still about the same. Maybe a tiny bit better but still a big problem. I’d much rather get headaches then vertigo!

So for everyone suffering who had tried med after med, be patient. Once you find the right med it takes TIME. I’m also still very adamant about avoiding just about EVERYTHING on the migraine diet. And I still try to walk every day. I think those two things have helped with my progress.

There is hope!!!

Elisha, this makes me so happy! I am so glad for you. I hope this keeps going forward. Hugs and hurrays from me to you…

Thank you Line, you are so sweet! Is Nori still working magic for you?

Hey Elisha,

I’m so happy for you. It’s so wonderful to hear good news on this board :slight_smile: Please keep posting your progress because I look forward to your updates.


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Thank you Line, you are so sweet! Is Nori still working magic for you?

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Well I think I have gotten spoiled, now I can wait to get better again. But my baseline has improved very much.

Again; SO happy for you. Keep going, you will get there :slight_smile:

Elisha, I am so happy to keep hearing good progress from you as I know and understand how down and hopeless you were.

60% is AMAZING!! That’s probably about where I am now. I am personally feeling a little down because I just got home from a two week vacation and did really good there, except for the last 3 days. Than today I woke up just feeling like major crap. I had a great time and enjoyed myself doing things that MAVers shouldn’t do like have one, just one drink a day, eat some bad food, had a few cups of coffee etc etc. it’s just so frustrating that we really can’t go enjoy ourselves without paying the price. Ugh

But once I read your story, I am reminded that I have to continue the hope and keep trying. I have my appt with fife in a couple weeks and can’t wait to see what he does next to get me better enough to drive.

I have a smile on my face for you. I look forward to hearing more progress from you. :smiley:

You’re so sweet Mary! Thank you for the kind words. There is no doubt that my vertigo is improving but like you I’m still not “normal”. Not even close.
I’m so glad you had a nice vaca, where did you go? Did you fly? I’m terrified to fly now. How is work going?
Can’t wait to hear about your appt. with Dr. Fife.


I haven’t been on the board for a few months, but I am so happy to read about your success! I know the winter was very difficult for you, and medicine trials were especially hard. So glad things are turning around for you!


That is such amazing news and I am so very happy for you! Thanks for contiuing to give the rest of us who still suffer so greatly hope :wink:


Thank you for posting your progress and your good news. I’m very happy for you :smiley:

Your good news gives me hope - so again, thank you for sharing.

My best ~ Molly

Yay! You already know how thrilled I am for you, but can’t say it enough! So glad. Can’t way until 75 takes u to a higher %

Hi Elisha,
So good to hear you sounding so upbeat and hopeful. I am very, very happy for you. I think I am in about the same boat that you are in now. About 60%. There are ups and downs for sure, but generally better for me. I am always so amazed that one drug does nothing to help and then all of a sudden we find a drug, like Zoloft, and it makes us better. Hugs to your baby and to you, too. Meredith

Congrats Elisha,

We live for stories like this. I totally agree that when you find a good med, it is really amazing that one day the dizziness just doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I really hope you continue to improve and wipe this thing out. I have been on Celexa about 9 months and I am almost cured by I still have trouble at night with my eyes closed and on amusement park rides (never again!). Keep us posted on how it goes. Celebrate and do something nice for yourself.

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Yay! You already know how thrilled I am for you, but can’t say it enough! So glad. Can’t way until 75 takes u to a higher %

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How are you Lisa?

Horray! I am so happy for you! This gives me inspiration to try an SSRI again…Effexor is next on the list…just waiting for the right time. So happy your life is coming back and you can be yourself again!

So happy for you Elisha - it’s such a big moment when you realise that a med is actually working for you. Only other MAVers would know that we feel like crying with thankfulness that there might be light at the end of a long, long, dark tunnel when we couldn’t see there was any way to get out of the ‘black hole’ of pain, rocking, dizziness, brain fog, etc.

I’m just beginning to feel that I can say the way ahead is looking brighter for me 18 months after my MAV began. I upped my Dothep to 125mg four weeks ago and for the first time today I drove to the shops, walked around without holding onto a trolley and this arvo we ( hubby who has been so supportive) went for a bike ride in the sunshine - it was so amazing to be doing something I’ve always enjoyed and I’ll never, ever take such normal activities for granted .
Fingers crossed the Zoloft is going to keep working it’s magic for you and you can get rid of those headaches too.

I appreciate the encouragement so so much. Thank you everyone. This is the first time that I’ve been certain a medication has been helping. I really did not think anything was ever going to help. Some days are better than others of course and sometimes I’m still in misery but overall, yes, for sure making some good progress!

I am so surprised that the medication is Zoloft! I was prescribed it a LONG while back around the time this all started by my GP, took it for a few days, got major headaches and vertigo and got off. I’m so glad I gave it another chance.

Elisa, awesome, I have followed your comments for a while because I saw many similarities to myself…I have also just started having some good days after MANY drugs and operations over 4 years…Verapamil and Celexa, and an occasional Klonopin seem to be finally helping…enjoy every “good day”!!

That’s wonderful Jaybird! I know that wonderful feeling when things FINALLY start to improve. Celexa seems to be a great drug. Congrats, I hope you get to 100% really soon!!!

Thank you, of course we all keep hoping for 100%, but after years of battling this, 80-90% feels pretty darn good, I wish you the best, I am fortunate my children were in their late teens when this started, I feel for those of you with young children…hang in there, make sure to share your succsesses!