Mal de Debarquement- do you have it too?

So growing up, I noticed things I did would sometimes stick with me and nobody could relate to me. For example, after going on roller coasters I could tolerate, I’d feel like I was on them the rest of the day. After a day of playing in the waves at the beach, I’d lay down and feel like I was still in them. Going on boats? I’m not even going to go there. I’ve been on a few and those were the worst days of my life because for a few days- I’d still feel like I was on them. Since I was a gymnast, I would just tell people my body had an excellent muscle memory.

Well, after doing lot’s of research on MAV, I came across Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. JUst wondering how many others also suffer from this as well?

Here’s a link from Dr. Hain’s website- It more focuses on being on boats but I get the sensations after being in an elevator, sometimes in a car, etc. I coordinated a wedding on Saturday and their cake table was on this platform that was of course stable but just a tad shaky, for some reason, the rest of the night, I kept feeling like the floor wasn’t stable. So annoying and glad it finally went away. My poor brain…

Anyone else with examples? Anyone think this is related? I will never be able to go on a cruise :frowning: … l/mdd.html

The Mal de Debarquement group (awareness campaign) has funded their own clinical research for a couple of years now, and they are finding out there is a possible link with migraine with some people.
I was first misdiagnosed with it, due to air travel being the thing that triggered my Mav.
The Mal de Debarquement support group was one of the first support groups I joined; they suffer motion intolerance just like migraineures can.
They rock just like some Mav’ers.

Thanks chris.

Interesting, thanks for sharing Jenn! I’ll have to check that group out too!


Hey Troy,
The MdDsers are desperate for answers just like we are, unfortunately they are trying to prove where their symptoms are coming from, so they can be appropriately treated, neuros/Ent’s often tell them to go home and it will one day go away, unfortunately it often doesn’t, I am in contact with old friends from that site and they are still rocking after many years.
The symptoms are way too close to Mav for my liking.


Hi Troy,

Did you get a chance to read the paper Scott posted on Mal de Debarquement written by Dr. Cha. The thread is towards the bottom of the general discussion page. Dr. Cha is the lead reasearcher on Mdds and if you read the paper she speaks a bit about migraine as well. I would be curious your thoughts if you get a chance to read it as I too am thinking I suffer from Mdds instead of my original diagnosis of MAV.

All the best,