Managing increased anxiety during bad VM flare up

My VM is bad at the moment. I went to town the other day to attend my counselling appointment but I got myself into a complete state and had a meltdown. I know its likely because my brain was already over capacity. has anyone found a way to help manage bouts like this?

My advice: a long walk in the park or along the canal or river. Can initially be uncomfortable but that soon ebbs away. Staying indoors for me can increase my anxiety and the only way to get rid of it is to get out, if somewhere without crowds and artificial light.

Bike rides can be therapeutic too! (I’m not the only one who has appeared to have fewer symptoms when on a bike)


thank you :slight_smile: I used to ride my bike a lot when I was younger actually

I agree with James @turnitaround, if you can bike, do. Don’t go so far that you wear yourself out, but go long enough to clear the cobwebs and the anxiety. Another friend, Vignesh @Getbetter talks about MAV giving you $10 to spend in a day. If you go over, you pay the next day. I’ve found that if I use $12 (work too hard, too many lights, crowds, time in a car or exercise past when I start feeling nauseous from the motion), the next day I only get $6. Push it too long, and I’m broke. But, mild exercise, particularly outside and living within my limits means some days, I get $11.


@foursimplewords It’s something I struggle with too, particularly if it’s a bad morning and I know I’m home alone all day. Unfortunately I’m housebound, and since February haven’t even been able to do walks outside, so it’s a bit tricky for me as my activity is limited. So far I’ve found TV to be the best distraction, but there are days when that doesn’t always work. I’ve been experimenting with essential oils for aroma therapy and roll-ons for the skin. However I find when I’m feeling my worst I’m too dizzy to clean out and re-fill the essential oil diffuser, so a lot of good that does. It’s definitely a work in progress for me.

I especially need help dealing with the increased anxiety when trialing medications cause worse flare ups. That would help with my medication anxiety so much, just to learn some coping methods!

I definitely agree with walks/mild exercise and essential oils!

Also breathing exercises can be really beneficial. I do them 2 times a day. Relaxing music can really help too. There’s also a lot of herbs/supplements out there that can be beneficial, like 5htp, GABA etc. however if you’re already on any RX medications definitely ask your doctor before using.

I can definitely relate… anxiety has been one of my worst symptoms. I’ve suffered with anxiety since I was about 10 years old (34 now) so this whole thing really intensifies mine.