Managing MAV with lifestyle changes alone

By way of a very short introduction (I’m sure you all feel the same that you could talk for hours about all the problems MAV bring) I had suffered from a heavy/fuzzy head for 12 years (starting in pregnancy), heavy eyes/headache, restless legs, nausea and an awful spinning in my head. Some days marginally better than others but never symptom-free. At times it was debilitating, but with a young baby/child to manage I had to try to carry on.

Over the years I was told it was an inner-ear problem, iron deficiency, sleep deficiency, cluster-headaches… an endless list but none of them sorted my symptoms. I took cinnarazine up to 6 a day for years hoping that would stop my dizziness, but it didn’t. And lots of painkillers. And 4Head. Anything was worth a shot!

I was lucky enough to get a referral from my GP to see Dr Nicholas Silver about a year ago. He diagnosed MAV and prescribed a tablet-free lifestyle change.

No caffeine
Big increase in water intake
regular sleep pattern
lose weight

I have had such an improvement, its made a huge difference to my quality of life. Yes there are still days that I feel a bit fuzzy/spinney but these are rarer now rather than the norm. Going decaf has been hard, but I buy Nespresso decaf capsules so I feel like I am still getting a real coffee, regular sleep pattern isn’t very rock n roll, and losing weight is always hard - but its been so worth it.

I have some ‘emergency’ meds to take for if I feel an attack coming on (900mg Dispersible aspirin, some anti-sickness tablets and a migraine reliver - I don’t have them to hand to write the exact names, sorry).

This year I went on holiday to Florida. I rode rides, I didn’t need any medication, I didn’t need a sleep in the day as my head was clear. I have missed out on so many things over the last 12 years (inc previous trips to Florda) …but this was the best holiday I have ever had.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this year incase it helps someone… :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this positive story! It helps give me hope!!! These stories are lifesavers on tough days.