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Managing VM with TBI, PTSD, PCS and chronic pain (CRPS)

Hi everyone. This is a very helpful, supportive and educational resource that I just discovered. If anyone has had similar experiences dealing with managing VM with other conditions, please share your thoughts. Here is my story.

I was diagnosed with VM during my second 6 week protocol of biofeedback/brain coaching at my second neuro-rehab. My accident occurred in September of 2020 and also included a neck injury. I had preexisting PTSD, CRPS and multiple previous concussions. Unfortunately, I was politely discharged from the second neuro-rehab because I was not improving and told to report back in 3 months when my pain was managed. I was extremely frustrated, operating with damaged cognitive processing, unable to multitask, process order, walk a straight line, drive or manage my own complex healthcare needs. I am currently in the process of moving all my healthcare providers under one roof at the level 1 trauma hospital located close to my apartment. I have already undergone my first pain management procedure, and completed my intakes at the migraine and neuro-rehab clinics. I’m just waiting for orthopedics and PT intakes and follow-up appointments. If this situation doesn’t work, the medical director at my first neuro-rehab hospital has suggested inpatient treatment at a specialized TBI/Spinal Injury rehabilitation hospital. I’m a bit scared about going the inpatient route and wondered if anyone else has had to navigate these waters and may have some advise.

Welcome. That’s quite an accident! Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

My MAV was kicked off by very light trauma, albeit directly to my ear.

I suspect you need to be extremely patient because it may take some time for your condition to resolve.

It took me 3 years or so to lose the vestibular symptoms though I still have some auditory symptoms. However, I’m close to 100% now, I’d say, so hang in there!

Btw, I find it odd they call it VM when you’ve clearly had very significant physical trauma. :thinking:

However I’m sure the treatment protocol will help as the migraine medications calm the brain which really helps to reduce some of the symptoms.

Hi. Well you certainly seem to have a well structured organisational plan set up.

Can I just ask how you came to be given a VM diagnosis on top of your other current medical issues. Must have been difficult for them to isolate the various conditions. I’m no medic but there must surely be a good bit of overlap in there. I wonder how they can be sure.

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Thank you both for your feedback.

I also questioned the VM diagnosis that was given by the neurologist who ran the second neuro-rehab. He also gave me an additional adult ADHD diagnosis that I questioned. The symptoms vestibular imbalance (feels like I’m on a boat in high seas constantly and has since the accident) and inability to maintain focus or concentrate could be due to head/neck trauma, pain, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety. I do get migraines and did get them before the accident and they respond to migraine meds. I’m just a wee bit concerned that the previous healthcare team did not give proper attention to the trauma portion of the puzzle. Hopefully now that I have switched to a facility that is specifically a level 1 trauma and teaching hospital that will change. Maybe my diagnosis will also. The downside is I’ll have to find a trauma support group. This group and the educational resources on this forum are excellent.