Margarine / butter trigger?

Hi everyone,

I’ve read Dr. Buchholz 1-2-3 program Heal Your Headache book and will attempt to follow the diet that is suggested although I already don’t eat most of the triggers mentioned. However, I can’t seem to find if margarine or butter are considered to be triggers? He doesn’t seem to mention it in the book.


No reason to be, unless the marg has some weird ingredients to flavor it.

Thank you!

But it’s dairy though, isn’t it? I thought all dairy was off limits.

Dairy might be off limits for some people, just as gluten is for some. My neurotologist didn’t warn against dairy, just against aged/cured dairy, such as the good cheeses, sour cream, buttermilk, . . . .

Do you know that dairy is one of your triggers?

I don’t know that all marg is dairy; some is.

No, I don’t know that dairy is a trigger. In fact I think it isn’t, because I cut it out a few years ago for ages (probably a year or more), and nothing changed. I don’t think I’ve got any food triggers personally, but I’m cutting the main ones out for a while now so I know 100% - chocolate, cheese, caffeine, msg, citrus fruits and bananas. It sort of feels like a waste of time because I feel quite sure about it, but gotta be done I suppose.

I haven’t experimented with food triggers, except briefly, in a hospital study where we were trying to stress my body. There we got evidence that choc is a trigger (glum, glum). However, at a recent family dinner, I had 1 1/2 servings of cheesecake, which I learned, too late, contained lemon juice. (I’ve been avoiding citrus/citric acid/citrate.) No dizzies or fog afterwards, but a rather unhappy gut. So . . .tentatively another trigger, given that I avoided the ham, stuffing, choc and nuts.

IS there a post somewhere where folks detail their processes or trigger determination? Buchholzs list is mighty tough

i have not noticed any problem with butter…& I eat ALOT of it. but tonight i started drinking one of those Nielson Vanilla milkshakes & POW…instant migraine.

Im pouring the rest down the sink…