Marie-johanne - how are you doing w/nortriptyline

Marie-johanne - are you still taking this and if so how is it going for you? I gave it a good shot for a month but had to stop. The insomnia wasn’t getting any better even after taking it in the AM and cutting back to every other day. I really hoped it would work for me. Not sure what I’ll do next but I’m going back to see the doctor in a couple weeks. Right now I’m taking meclinze every day. I really don’t like doing that but the fear of having a vertigo attack is very strong right now.

I was on Nortrip for 5 days. Blood pressure rose too high, heart was pounding 128bpm at rest the night I quit. That night, I had the mother of all migraines. I had difficulty thinking straight, tremors, extreme anxiety, insomnia, a feeling like I needed to get out of my skin, I peed a river, and difficult talking around my tongue. It wasn’t swollen. It was like the muscles just weren’t working right.

I’m curious about why the neuro seems to skip ahead on dosing rather than starting me on lower doses. I even have trouble with anything ‘decongestant’. I was hospitalized about 30 years ago because of a reaction to a medication called Novahistine DM.

Because of what the tri-cyclics offered, I was hoping it would work. Enough that maybe, in time (when I recover from my freakout), I’ll see if he won’t try me on it again - but at a much lower dose.

Thanks for checking on me and my experience. :slight_smile: