Marijuana for Vertigo?

Hi everyone

I have had migraines and vertigo for about 5 years now. I am taking valium as needed and cyproheptadine (4mg) per day but neither are doing much to help the vertigo.

Has anyone tried to treat their vertigo symptoms with marijuana?

I’ve been through a round of different meds (nortriptyline, topamax, etc) and tried vestibular therapy and nothing seems to provide relief. I’ve done food allergy panels and am on a super restricted diet to exclude all foods that could be possible triggers, am practicing yoga & doing brain music therapy nightly. You name it and I’ve probably tried it, but the vertigo is ever present and very much a problem. I’m kind of at wits end.


Hi Liz,

This is an interesting question. While I used to indulge at the odd party many years ago the idea of doing it now is just too scary from my point of view. I feel stoned most days with this anyway and couldn’t imagine that actually being stoned on top of this would work. But if you give it a go and it works, let us know. Maybe we all need to sit back and get smashed to end this nightmare! Someone once told me that cocaine kills migraine as well! Imagine asking your GP for a cocaine script.


I have heard of people who find cannabis helpful for “regular” migraines (the blinding pounding head kind) but no idea for MAV.

A few of us on this board (me and I think Luke?) find a couple of drinks (G&T for me) actually help a bit with vertigo. I suspect that’s because you feel pretty woozy and out of it with the vertigo and that you just don’t notice when you’re a bit tipsy. But I have no scientific evidence for this :slight_smile: .


Thanks, Guys! I appreciate the feedback. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea either, as I too feel out of it most of the time anyway. Just curious if anyone had tried it with success.

Happy Holidays,