Maryalice -- Yoga

Hey Maryalice,

After your post about yoga last week and that study I stumbled over I thought it was time to have a crack at doing some. There are classes that run daily down here at Bondi Beach. So yesterday I got my butt out of bed at 7:30 AM, tore the alien off my face, and went down with two friends. The yoga was good and I thought the girl instructing was good (she was very easy on the eyes :lol: ) but it was probably too much too fast because I felt dizzy afterwards and quite exhausted. I also jumped into a sauna for 30 min right after and then jumped into the pool (sea water) which was only 18C (64F). Cold is an understatement. Today my body aches and I have the 87 year old man feeling but I am going to persist. Maybe I’ll do my own thing here in the house for a couple of weeks until I can handle the proper class without fallout.

Vic, you’ll be pleased to know that I was detoxing hard and in some positions there was more oxygen flowing to my brain. I was at one with the world. We did this final meditation facing the sea which was very cool. You should come down one morning if you can pry yourself out of bed. :lol:

Anyhow, here’s the study for anyone wanting to read up on the results. It’s an interesting read.

Scott, as you know there is nothing I like more than a seriously hard core detox, preferably first thing in the morning. Consider me and my pretzel like frame there. And afterwards we Scrabble to the death. :wink:

Wow, Scott, you’ll do all sorts of things in the interest of science - AND pursuit of migraine relief!! :shock:

Thanks for doing this experiement - and so sorry to hear it didn’t work out too well for you.

I noticed that the article pointed out that the experimental group used “simple, relaxation-focused postures which excluded vigorous bending.” Did the nice-to-look-at instructor take the same approach, or did she do a more “fast paced,” or more bend-y type of yoga? When I took classes several years ago I recall a lot of “downward dog” type of stuff that was probably fine back when I didn’t have this dizzy thing going on, but I can’t imagine being inverted so much of the time being a good thing for us!

Feeling 87 is OK when you’re 87 (or, even better - when you’re 97!), but not good when you’re a few decades shy of that. :frowning:


I think it was probably all a bit too vigourous for the first time in about 3 years doing this sort of thing. The two girls that came with me were both complaining today of feeling pain everywhere too so it wasn’t just my pathetic MAVed out body to blame. There was a lot of sun salutation type stuff happening – about 10 rounds of it. I think it will be good eventually but has to be worked up to – for me anyway. :shock:

I’m glad that you are looking forward to your yoga sessions. OTOH, the relevance of the study seems pretty low for most people with MAV, and not very reliable to boot. For starters,

  1. Volunteers were 20-25 y.o. and in damned good health, or were left out of the study.

  2. Their migraine experiences may not have shared that many characteristics with those who have vestibular migraines, with auras.

  3. I don’t know any way to differentiate a study that calls itself “controlled” because it compares an active manipulation with self-care from a study of a placebo effect.

. . .

But yoga IS good for you (unless it’s bad for you, which depends to some degree on the teacher, and on the students’ bodies).