Massage causing vertigo?

Hi everyone! As has been stated in previous posts I have MAV. I went for a trigger point massage on Friday morning. It was two hours long. About a minute after I got up, I had maybe 30 seconds to a minute of vertigo. I feel OK now, but does anyone have any idea why? Haven’t had vertigo since January. What an odd condition!

It gave me a short vertigo attack when my neck was stretched upwards and to the right.


Hi Amy,

Massage can definitely cause me to have severe symptoms but not always, it depends. On my most recent trip to Thailand for example, I had about 4 full-body massages (they’re dirt cheap) and I was fine after the first 4. But the fifth one completely ruined me. It was not long after I’d had a bit of a virus that was hanging around for a few days so may have set me up for it. It’s weird … if I’m in a solid patch I can take a massage no problem but once I’m in a bad patch there’s just no way. If I had one now for example I’d really be trashed by it and would spend days recovering. I need one too but can’t do it. lexapro has already caused my neck to seize.


OK, good, I am not the only one (well ,not good, but you know what tI mean). I was switching from Verapamil back to nort when I had the massage, so that may have had something to do with it too. Thanks for the answers!

I was switching from Verapamil back to nort when I had the massage.

That would definitely do it. It’s is very weird though that a massage can trigger a MAV attack. Maybe it hits all the balance receptors and sets it off if we’re sensitised. S