MAV~A life sentence?

Well, after feeling about 70-80% better in the last several weeks and finally having my life back, my symptoms seem to be back and I’m not quite sure why?

I just recently returned to work after 6 months off due to MAV. I was feeling so good so I decided to return to work. About a few days prior, I started feeling a bit more dizzy plus all the other symptoms. I was really looking forward to work as I miss it and thought it would at least take my mind off of this monster we all know as MAV. I did good the first day and everyone said I was beaming. But the drive home was horrible and I have felt like crap ever since. And I’ve only been working a few hours to ease myself back. Our office is so slow so I’ve just been able to only work when I want. Yesterday at work was one of my worst. Dizzy, sweating and thought I would pass out.

My dr also just upped my Effexor dosage to 112.5 but I was feeling bad before he did that. But that seems to be making symptoms worse ie more dizzy, can’t drive, full ears, heavy head etc etc. So I’m hoping those are just the initial se’s of the increase and really praying that the new dosage will bring me back to feeling better.

So my question is: is it possible for a med to stop working? Does this mean that a higher dose will work? Or is it time to try a new drug? My otoneurologist wants me to give it 4-6 weeks. I just feel so defeated and so down again :x This is why I hesitated to write a success story, because I was afraid to jinx myself. I even planned on going to lake Tahoe this weekend for a long weekend and now I don’t think I want to even try it. I also really want to have another baby but time is running out. It’s like all my hopes and dreams are flying away. They were soo close. I’m Sooo depressed again. Trying to be strong and positive!! Ugh

Dear Mary,
You are going to be okay. I promise. I remember reading a story so much like yours a few months back. Another member on this site started do well on meds and then went back to school and had a relapse for a while. About a month ago she wrote that she was in complete remission. I think going back to work is hard on your brain and your body and you need time to adjust. As far as feeling bad before you went back to work that could have been the stress of the anticipation? You are taking one of the best meds for MAV and I don’t think it’s stopped working, give it some more time.
Sending you good vibes! I really do think your brain is going to adjust and you are going to be okay. As far as MAV being a life sentence, I do think it is. YET, I think it can be managed and people can live a normal life. Maybe not 100% what it was but over the past year being on this forum I’ve seen so many people be able to go back to living a normal life after being on the right meds. I also think it takes time.
Hang in there!!!


Mary, Hi, it’s me, Meredith. Well, I’m worried for you, that you are feeling depressed and discouraged, but maybe what Elisha said IS the case. Maybe giving it time will be the answer. You know, I wrote a “sort of” success story a few days ago. Just between you and me, ( haha) I have felt worse since I wrote that. I did go up on my Nori and maybe that made me a bit more dizzy feeling. Anyway, today, I drove to town by myself to go shopping for a few new things to wear for golfing. I was in a big store, just looking around, and trying things on. I was walking through the racks of clothes and out of the blue, I was hit with an actual vertigo, fast spinning, and I was ready to hit the floor, when it eased up and finally stopped. I would say about 20 seconds of hard spinning. I kept my feet on the floor, never lost my balance, noone there ever knew anything happened, and I went back in the dressing room and took a lorazapam and sat there for about 10 minutes, then started shopping again. The drive home was scary, because I kept thinking what would happen if I had another one behind the wheel of a car. But, I made it home and was ok and am ok now.

I do NOT think it is a setback, now that I think about it. I think I pushed myself too far, with driving, shopping with all kinds of lights, bright colors, lots of noise and plus I was hungry.

I think YOU maybe pushed yourself too far with driving, going back to the office, expecting too much, and you DID just go UP on your effexor. I don’t think you need to panic and I’m NOT going to panic either. Lets see what tomorrow brings for both of us. A deep breath and relax. I do need to care for myself better with drinking more water and eating regularly.

How’s Matthew? xoxo to both of you, Meredith

Mary, ditto to what Elisha and Meredith have said. I’d say that going back to work is likely a huge factor in your feeling worse, as is the increased dosage of Effexor. I have to say, after I decided to give Effexor another go this week, I tried 1/2 of a 25 mg tablet and found myself homebound the next day because my head was so screwed up. So an increase from 75 mg to 112.5 seems like a huge leap to me. My guess is that’s really what’s done you in right now - on top of the work/driving/computers which have been thrown into the mix. I’d say maybe go a bit slower on the dosage increase. I, personally, try not to fiddle with new meds or dosage increases during the work-week, because what happened on Tuesday (I should have known better). It nearly always happens and then I’m stuck using up what little leave-time I’ve got left. That said, I don’t know what the answer is… I’m having a really hard time trialling meds because, while I can function well enough (just barely) at work when I’m not on meds (other than the Verapamil), anything else I throw into the mix makes my head tons worse so I can’t function to work (or drive there). I know the SEs will pass after a couple of weeks, but I don’t have 2 weeks of leave time to take off every time I try a new med. (Groan…) So, all that to say - hang in there, and maybe don’t go so high up on the Effexor just yet unless you feel like you really have to. Let your MAV brain adjust to work / driving / etc. and don’t panic into trying too much Effexor to fix things. Could just be too much at once.

(Ok, I think I’m rambling now. Gotta get to work myself. And sooo should not be on the computer before I get in the car. Oops! Don’t give up - you can do it!! :slight_smile:

Something else I just thought of, Mary… Didn’t you just come off of Verap recently? That could be what caused your setback (which you said started before you went back to work, right?). It’s taken me a good 3 weeks to recover from stopping the 25 mg of Topamax that I tried out (with no success and too many SEs) for a month. Have finally made it back to my usual level of yuck after 3 really long, fairly miserable weeks where I had a REALLY hard time getting to work. (Up until I started the Top, I’d been feeling do-able at work, not great, but functioning… Back there again, now, finally.) Anyhow, I’d add that in to your list of why you’re likely having a really hard time now. I think once things settle down with your work and with your meds you’ll be able to get into a better groove… Till then, don’t give up. Keep reminding yourself that once things get settled, you’re likely to feel better. Just might take a little while longer.

Thanks so much ladies for the kind words of encouragement. Your posts reminds me of all of you and others who have gone through this same thing. I was suppossed to get out of town this weekend to go see my sister in Lake Tahoe for her birthday and now theres no way I can even get myself to the airport. Ugh… Everyday seems to be getting worse and I’m feeling as if I’m heading back to being almost bedridden… Aaargh!

But your posts remind me that this is possibly just a set back in addidtion to going up on my meds. I hope this shall pass and I’ll continue to pray for the best.

Elisha~ How are you doing? Are you still improving? I really hope you are still improving and I think of you and excited for you that things are looking good. :smiley: Keep us updated

Meredith~ Thanks for your response. I am sorry that you had a bad day, but it sounds like you just did too much. I know how it feels to feel really good and than go and do everything that we have been deprived of of soo long. Hang in there. Sounds like you are doing fantastic overall and I am just so tickled to hear your updates. My son is doing great. He’s a handful with this condition, but he also keeps me in check with reality and helps me stay positive. I wish I could be more of a Mom to him, but I’m doing my very best.

Erika~ Thanks for reminding me of the two important things I’m going through with regards to the verap and effexor. I really didn’t feel any effects when I first went off the verap but maybe it’s just now hitting me several weeks later. it’s too bad that we have to learn to just function at work rather than excel. I had such high hopes of returning at full functioning levels and even go after a promotion, but I now know that may never happen as I can barely function at work either. When did you start back up on the effexor? I really hope it works for you this time and you don’t have any problems like before. Keep us updated on that.

I just love you guys… thanks again. :stuck_out_tongue: