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MAV - an autoimmune condition?

Nobody bite my head off please but the reason non of these medications work is I believe MAV is an Autoimmune condition and is yet to be ‘classified’ as such. That’s my take.


I said the exact same thing in a different thread a minute ago.


I think the word ‘migraine’ is a bit of a red herring and down plays the serious situation all of us are in. Autoimmune conditions favour women unfortunately and I see men are in the minority here by my estimates. Plus once you have opened that door you are exposed to multiple AI conditions. It explains the wide range of systemic symptoms we get and why we can never find a way out. The SSRIs help a little because serotonin acts as an anti inflammatory in the brain. I hope I’m wrong but everything I read / experience points in that direction!


I agree, but I’ve also been thinking this:

Maybe we’re all right

Migraine is also an inflammatory disease, right?

My condition didn’t start with migraine though, it started with an ear injury … I have a strong suspicion for me this lead to some issue with my eustachian tube which gave me alterbaric vertigo and neurological fallout which then lead to migraine.

Maybe other people start with migraine?

I think migraine might also inflame the ET, so what we have here, ladies and gentlemen might be a vicious cycle.

I’m out of the migraine loop now, but I’m convinced I still have inflammation in my middle ear. In fact I wonder if tinnitus is simply the sound of puffed up middle ear wall touching part of the middle ear bones. The pressure it exerts on the bones is tiny but you pick it up in your hearing … this might also explain fluctuation as this effect improves or worsens… food for thought …

I’m not convinced the basic pressure test picks this up, but I have had fluid sensations, and I still get ‘cracking’ as if dried mucus is breaking free when I move my jaw.

I wonder if anyone has had an ‘ETD’ pressure test whilst feeling ‘full’?

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yeah, that is why anti-inflamatory diet works.


Were you stressed out or had lack of sleep when you got your ear injury James?

The way it happened for me is I was a dumb f**k and had little sleep because I needed to get sh*t done and that sleep pressure (which is effectively inflammation you build up throughout the day due to cellular activity) never went away. And then boom… tinnitus and vertigo crescendo!

And yeah dizzy3, I went on the AIP diet 1.5 years ago and haven’t been dizzy since… good but not good enough. Still have tinnitus and brain fog constantly. I’ll get 4 days a month where my head is clear. Don’t know whether to invent a time machine to go back 3 years, find a cure or top myself (sorry if that offends)


It was a stressful part of my life, but then again, I wasn’t a stranger to stress.

There is no doubt of the physical insult to my ear and this was more significant than any stress. Having said that stress might have exacerbated the long-term impact. MAV hit me 5 months after the injury.

Yeah, lack of decent sleep is definitely going to encourage inflammation … just look at your face skin condition when you’ve had a bad week, right? Spots!

Hang in there Andy, things just take time. Keep going!!


This is interesting. Do u think anti inflammation foods help like ginger and turmeric?

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Yeah, I’d guess most of us here are either Type A personalities like myself, pushing too hard at work, the gym, relationships etc and others who have a natural tendency towards anxiety. Prolonged cortisol has had catabolic effects on our brains causing damage or possibly glucocorticoid receptor resistance. Inflammation in the temporal lobe (tinnitus) hippocampus and cerebellum (balance disturbances) etc We are fatigued because our bodies are constantly dampening the flames and trying to repair.

…it’s a nightmare


Try it. We are all different and it may help…
Does nothing for me and you’ve probably noticed no one has posted over the years that they are fixed by taking these… ‘roots?’ Could be a reason why.

It may be just coincidence but I drank a lot of Ginger (and liquorice) tea during my illness.

Would you say they helped? I drink liquorice tea in the morning for the cortisol lowering / anti inflammatory effects… the jury is still out for me. I don’t want to ‘give away’ what my entire protocol is because it’s clearly not good enough and sending people down endless paths gives false hope.

I found fennel tea a great anti inflammatory substance to prevent but also o help acutely during break thru headaches, I don’t think it was a coincidence. This is an interesting thread… Gonna look into the diet

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Did that help u?

you just described my lifestyle pre-MAV !


Are you on any preventative meds or just diet and lifestyle ?

Well, I’ve got much better, so who knows? (Very hard to know why, could have been what I had was just self-limiting …)

I’m not on medication. Just a healthy diet (which I did no problem before as I was into fitness - however my diet is different to before) and a few supplements. I’m still rotating them and trying combinations. I have favourites but nothing that allows me to live a ‘normal life’ yet.

About 3 weeks ago the doctor was going to give me Venlafaxine but he was on holiday so I had (a very nice lady) that gave me a few balance tests and reiterated that I was f**ked.


U think your onto something

Mine, too.

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