MAV and 3D

Have any of you been to a movie in 3d while suffering from MAV? 8)

I went to a movie today in 3d and I thought I was going to have a major vertigo attack. I got dizzy but I stuck with it and nothing really major happened. But it felt weird. I’m not sure my eyes ever adjusted and I’m sure my brain was a little confused.

Just curious if any of you had any experiences with this 8)

Crazy stuff!!!

MP – been to two 3D movies and they both killed me. I was messed up badly for 2-3 days afterwards. I think I’ll have to say no from now on … not worth it. :frowning:

I had a horrible experience at the movies about a month ago. It wasn’t even 3D. I went to see the Hunger Games. I kept my eyes closed for most of it but still got such terrible vertigo that I had to hold onto my husband to walk out. Not going back until this mess is under control.

Haven’t had an issue since I started celexa. But also didn’t go to the movies for a long time before that. I have always had trouble with IMAX movies for as long as I can remember though

I’ve never been able to tolerate 3-D films, even before MAV. They always made me feel really motion sick/unsteady. The same thing happens for films like the Blair Witch Project, where the camera is really jerky.

i got through avitar with no problems…but today went to see Promethius in 3D…Yikes! became very dizzy…wont do that again!