MAV and caffeine

Hello. I am hoping someone could clear up my confusion. I have been doing a lot of reading on MAV and migraine since I was recently diagnosed. Caffiene is always listed as a trigger to avoid. I drink coffee everyday and have never had a problem with it. Can we suddenly develop a sensitivity to it? Also, if it is a trigger, why is it found in OTC migraine medication like Excedrin? :?:

If you remove coffee from your diet, you could completely eliminate your MAV. Now if i had that option - i’m just saying - i would DEFINITELY try! Anything to avoid these symptoms xx

Hey there,

Caffeine can be a double edge sword. It temporarily constricts the blood vessels…which can give you a temporarily relief. However, if you wait a while…you may begin to get rebound headaches. So, if you eliminate caffeine for a couple a weeks…you may notice your dizziness and other symptoms improve. That’s what happened to me. But, I’m no where near 100% though. I will have the occasional caffeine drink to give me some temporary relief when doing activities like going to the theater or something.

I use to always drink coffee and then one day bam. no more coffee for me. it is actually my only known food trigger. If i have even one cup of coffee i will have a headache by the end of the day and the whole rest of the next day. It is not worth it to me. I now drink decaf and it seems to be fine. There are some really good decafs out there now.

My food triggers can affect me a day or two later, if i consume any caffeine i initially feel like i have gotten away with it but the next day or so i tend to feel worse. I avoid all caffeine now including chocolate (though i do eat white chocolate and seem fine with that) Wish i could avoid all cheese but i tend to slip up on that one :confused: