MAV and Geography?

So I have noticed that a lot of people on here live in places around the world that have cloudy weather ex. London and I’m wondering if geography plays a factor into this?

I live in sunny San Diego, but when that barometer changes, it rains or we get the “Santa Ana winds,” you better believe that is when I can anticipate my “dizzy spells.”

Also, do any of you get worse in altitude change in higher mountains? I can feel a change when we go skiing and think that I am more prone to vertigo migraines.

I’m wondering where would the best ideal place for us MAVer’s to live? In the hot desert?

I don’t think there is perfect climate for people with migraine. 10% of the world has it so it would be difficult to find land for The Cursed People that would suit us all.

Changes in weather patterns and barometric pressure are a trigger for a lot of people. I can have trouble if there are storms brewing and on searing hot, bright, sunny days. So the desert things mightn’t work out too well for me!

I have had problems with high altitude. In 2008 I went to South America. On arrival in Mendoza (travelling by bus through the winding Andes) I had really bad migraine for a few days. On arrival in Cuzco I also got hit with a really nasty migraine. But that’s just me - there’s probably other migraineurs who have the opposite reaction or have no problems at all.


Interesting post

I’ve ofen wondered if there is an ideal place also. It seems like we all have different triggers. when i see cloudy, rainy places in the movies i want to be there or where it’s real cold. I always have friends and coworkers telling me i should move.

I live in the desert and my triggers are pollen and pollution which pretty much only leaves one season - winter and only when it’s below normal here.

I sometimes think moving further north as long as it’s not too humid a climate when i retire.
Don’t want to go too far North though as I hear Canada is bad for migraine sufferers.
maybe Montana or Wyoming? :slight_smile:

I love San Diego!! In fact, we got back from a trip to southern Cali last week, and while we were in San Diego I felt great! No dizzies, although I did have a migraine but I’m pretty sure it was because my sleep was all messed up. My husband’s eczema cleared up too. I really like the climate there.

I do think that the climate has a lot to do with it–it can make allergies worse, which can make the migraine worse. I’m having allergy testing tomorrow actually so we’ll see what that shows.

If weather is a big trigger, Canada is definitely NOT the place to be! I’m living proof of that and it’s not fun! :frowning:

Or London…

Mars anyone? I hear it’s pretty stable there!!!