MAV and meals

Hello everybody,
Does anyone notice correlations between MAV and meals? For me, a meal that’s even a half hour or so late sometimes increases the vertigo drastically. I can’t tell if usual hypoglacemia is being amplified by MAV, or if it’s the MAV vertigo itself.

Also, in the mornings, I feel weak until I have breakfast. So I tend to have breakfast (milk, oatmeal) very quickly after waking up. As soon as I have breakfast, on most mornings, my vertigo shoots up, and takes perhaps 1-2 hours or sometimes more to stabilize. Anybody have anything similar?

Hi there!!

Sorry to hear that… I was wondering if you have had any allergy testing done? Maybe you are allergic or intolerant to dairy or wheat? This can cause vertigo and dizziness! I got tested at testyourintolerance


Thanks mrslala. I haven’t gotten any allergy testing done, but plan to bring it up with my doctor soon. My diet has been constant for years, and also through a period of remission of my symptoms (See So I’m assuming it’s all good there, but I’ll talk to my doc about it nevertheless.

From your other posts, I’m definitely glad to hear you seem to be at 90% now after a long while! Hope it gets even better soon and stays there.

Also, my dizziness/dysequilibrium seems to shoot up right after every meal, seemingly.

Happens virtually every day, and after almost virtually every meal. It shoots up within say, 10 minutes after eating. I tried pausing halfway through, and it still shoots up. This is perhaps more a symptom of POTS/dysautonomia, but then again, I don’t know if the MAV is causing autonomic dysfunction or the other way around. Sigh.

Anybody else have this problem?

I’m glad that I don’t have your postprandial prob.

What I have developed, just this year I believe, is the inclination to feel nauseous and a bit dizzy, and then have both go away once I eat. This is without having felt hunger.

Nausea and dizziness are two of my MAV symptoms.

I can get nauseous, a headache, ringing ears, visual stuff, mental function stuff, you name it if I don’t eat regularly!! Every 2 hours.

As for breakfast, I recommend protein. Have heard some awful things about what happens to our bodies if we eat carbs for breakfast. Am thinking it makes our sugar go whacko and that is another thing I react badly to.