MAV and medication

I went to another ENT last week and he suggested that I might possibly suffer from MAV, Menieres and Orthostatic hypotension. I don’t think they can ever be 100% sure. I have had a different diagnosis from each ENT I have been to. That being said I wonder why they never suggest medication! I have been trying a low sodium diet for some time now. I have limited caffeine and alcohol as well. The dizziness still remains. The last ENT suggested I take an Aleve or Advil when the symptoms appear.The problem is that I am ALWAYS symptomatic and am dizzy or lightheaded 24/7. The only other problem I have is with ear-fullness sometimes and visual troubles with flourescent lighting. I can stomach the last two, but after 2 years of contant dizziness I want some relief. I have been reading the posts here and it seems many are on meds. Is this the next step and which ones deal more with the dizziness issues?

Hi Laser,
Wow, that sounds frustrating. It seems like these docs are not comfortable with handling the meds necessary for treating these conditions. You would need to see either a neuro-otologist (an ENT who specializes in the ear AND is aware of treating MAV) or a neurologist (usually migraine specialists are aware of MAV these days). If you tell us the area of the country you live in, perhaps someone could recommend a doctor for you to see if you do not have any luck locating one in your area that meet the above criteria.

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I have seen a neurologist twice. Once they eliminated ( I think it was MS) they referred me to an ENT. I live in the Northern Ky. area ( right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio).


you can check out for a doc in your area. as far as meds, I know for myself that I am not going to improve without meds. It seems like many of us definitely need medication. lots of luck