MAV and Muscle Fasciculations

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone else here experiences any muscle fasciculations (twitches)?
When my symptoms got worse a few years back I developed these muscle tics all over my body
which happen perhaps every 10 minutes, and last for a few seconds to a minute. I believe they are related
to my condition as they disappear completely when I am taking Acetazolamide.

I have read a lot about muscle tics in a few migraine-like syndromes like episodic ataxia known as
myokymia and these happen all the time (in between episodes of ataxia). I have not noted them mentioned
anywhere in regards to MAV though.




I have experienced muscle twitching all of my life. I thought that everyone experienced them but wife noticed them once a few months ago and informed me that this is uncommon. For me, they happen most often when I am tired or stressed, lasting from a few seconds to 30 seconds top.