MAV and now cancer... how lucky am I? ;)

Well i can’t remember where i announced that i was going to get my thyroid removed in December. It went well but today i got the big news : confirmation that i had 3 cancers in my thyroid. I should be fine now that i had the operation, and now i am crossing my fingers that some of these weird symptoms i have had in the past months/years will fade and disappear. Who knows, maybe amitryptilin + my operation will give me my life back! :slight_smile:

Very sorry to read this sovertigo. You have a lot to deal with :frowning: . I wish you all the best with your recovery and, like you, hopeful that things will improve for you overall following your successful surgery.

Good news that your op went well - hope you will soon be feeling better & the MAV will also soon be under control. You deserve a break!