MAV and Orthostatic Hypotension

I have noticed after going through all the doctor’s reports that in addition to the MAV dx there might also be a possibility that Orthostatic Hypotension could be playing somewhat of a role here as well. Although my blood pressure only changes by a small amount, I am definitely lightheaded as soon as I get to my feet. My question is: Do those of you that are constantly dizzy find that your symptoms lessen when you sit or lay down?

I had the tilt table test and was told I did have OT. I was very sick and almost fainted but not until they gave me an injection that speeds up the process I think. MY BP dropped dramatically. I don’t know if it has a relationship to MAV but I know that it can cause terrible fatigue and lightheadedness. The only thing I was told to do was to increase my salt intake… No relief I’m afraid. I don’t think they have many good meds. to treat this condition.

And yes my symptoms do lessen but I need to lie down and preferably raise my feet to feel better. I can never stand for long and have to keep moving or I feel super weak.

Hi Brett,

I definitely have been suffering from the same problem! The doc took my blood pressure while leaning against a wall, and again a minute later and it had dropped by 20 points…I am definitely worse when I am standing or walking…I end up feeling really lightheaded and almost low blood sugar even if I have eaten. I think this may be an adrenal problem as well.


Yes, I feel that way often. I have very low blood pressure…it usually hovers around 85/65…I eat plenty of salty foods, but when I stand up after sitting a while, or getting out of a bath…I feel lightheaded and faint…then it passes. I also
have a PFO (hole in heart) and wondered if that could have something to do with it. PFO for those that aren’t familiar, has been linked to Migraine and there have been studies about having the hole closed. My initial neurologist was very clear that I would need to get the hole closed to help my migraine condition, but then studies came out that didn’t support it, so he changed his tune. I still wonder…there are many articles on line for those interested…