MAV and SemiCircular Canal Dehiscence?

I have been to 3 specialists. Finally got one to do a series of CTs, MRIs, and Vertigo tests and he has found I have Semicircular canal dehiscence in the left ear, and my bone is thin on the right ear but no dehiscence, he also says I am having Vestibular Migraines. He gave me 2 medicines, and I couldn’t take either one of them. I do not do well with medicine, all of it makes me sleepy, or have bad side effects as I have never taken medicine before. I am really considering the surgery to fix it, and then if fixing the dehiscence doesn’t work, then I will just have to take the migraine medicine. My question is, has anyone ever had both of these, and the surgery cured it. My dehiscence has been verified by 2 special CTs and an MRI…

ALSO let me add that I do not have the headache part of the VM, sometimes I do get headaches but not migraines, my main symptoms are the constant dizziness, not being able to hardly lift my head or walk around. Ive been on the couch for the past 2 months basically.

Are you trying diet? I was close to ready for surgery when that was suggested (along with a med dose increase) and it was my salvation.