MAV Botox Success?

I am 28 and diagnosed with MAV. I have had MAV since I was 18. wondering now has anyone had any luck with Botox for treatment of MAV as this is my next option if I do not have a response to Topiromate. I am hoping someone has had some success please let me know :slight_smile: I have tried numerous other medications such as amitriptyline and noritriptyline.
Thanks for your responses in advance

Kyra, i tried 3 times and it worked for dizziness, not for my tensional headaches. I do not know if the symptoms changed or the botox worked… I would try if i were you.

Hi! I’ve tried botox, I’ve not found it helps vertigo symptoms markedly, but I’m also finding on here what works well for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Hi. I’ve just had my first Botox treatment. I’m one week in and it’s already starting work on the muscles in my forehead (it’s kinda weird, lol). I guess I’ll have to wait and see re the vertigo. But I have had increased disequilibrium/on-a-boat feelings since the day after I had the injections. No idea if they caused it or it’s something else and the timing is coincidental. I’ll keep you posted.