MAV, BPPV, Anxiety, What?!

I have suffered with MAV for about 15 years now. This last year I went through some very intense stress in my life that caused me to have a 3 month long MAV epidsode 24/7. I’ve since been trying hard to recover from that and get control of my anxiety and panic attacks. Well…about a month and a half ago I ended up in the ER because I had sat up fast from laying down and my whole world went into a violent spin. I couldn’t stay sitting up much less walk. In the ER they did the test where you sit up and then lay down to one side and they check your eyes. They said I tested positive on the right side, that my eyes jerked and I had BPPV. What a joke to end up with both conditions! Anyway, that only lasted a few hours and was gone with just my MAV left. The thing is that lately I have been having these weird episodes where all of a sudden I get dizzy and pressure in my head at the level of my ears. My heartrate jumps up to like 120 and the blood rushes from my face. I have had a cardiac workup and they said my heart and blood pressure are fine. I had blood work done a couple of months ago which also came back fine. Since my symptoms have changed, my primary care doctor has ordered an MRI and I am freaking out! So of course I start to think of all the terrible possibilities… I just want some reassurance I guess or anyone who is familiar with these types of symptoms. I just started back to college last week and this is really making my studies difficult. I also feel sometimes that gravity is pulling me to one side or the other and I walked to my bathroom sink this morning after my shower and the world seemed to tilt and I almost fell over. I was able to catch myself by grabbing the sink. I also get a kind of vibrating like feeling in my body that I can feel but no one can see. I just don’t know. Is this anxiety, like adrenalin surges or something? I’ve been so miserable I don’t know what else to do and now I get to wait for this stinking MRI… I don’t currently take any medication other than Atenolol to control a rapid heartbeat I have had since birth. I also sometimes take Magnesium and B2. I have health anxiety and can’t make myself take prescription meds very often.

I too have experienced all of these symptoms. From what I’ve read, this is all within the norm for MAV. The feeling of ‘pulling to one side’ the ‘tilted’ feeling are likely related to drop attacks. I’ve had a couple of those experiences. I’ve also read that anxiety is often a trigger to MAV symptoms. I’m not a medical professional (I’m an engineer), but I can say that what you’re going through seems to echo my experience so far, and I’ve only recently been diagnosed with MAV. Hang in there! :smiling_face:

I agree as well. I had an MRI too, I was worried for a week thinking it was multiple sclerosis or a brain tumor, I know how it feels to be in that position. I hope it’s not! These are all classic symptoms of MAV as I’ve learned so I hope one day you can find peace and relief from these horrid symptoms. If you ever need to talk or vent feel free to PM me, good luck!

Yep - all sounds familiar. Especially the vibration thing - I used to think a neighbour had a washing machine that sent vibrations through the floor, until I found out that I was the only one who could feel anything :slight_smile: I do find that he tilting/sideways gravity thing improved once I learned to focus on how my feet felt on the floor rather than vision or ‘gravity’ feel – sort of mindful focus of soles-on-ground. I found that helps de-emphasise the tilt.