MAV but no headaches- does "the diet" really help?

I have had MAV for about 4 years. I have been on Verapamil
300 for about 4 months and that has helped tremendously. I’m about 70% better
but I was thinking about trying the diet to cut out migraine triggers (MSG,
chocolate, cheese, yeast, eggs, ect.) and was wondering if it helps people with
MAV who do not actually have migraines? Thanks!

That’s so great about veramapil!!! I haven’t tried that one, maybe I should.
Did you have weight gain on it? I hate the bloating effects of so many meds, particularly nortriptyline and even St Johns Wort

Unfortunately I am intolerant to all meds except gabapentin (which I can only take at low doses) so I take magnesium at very high doses every day (I try to take enough water to flush my kidneys) to keep my nerves relaxed in my head. Feverfew also seems to help somewhat as does B2 maybe and CoQ10 at a high enough dose (400mg for me- but CoQ10 sometimes causes GI issues for me at any dose). I’m weird I guess! Magnesium is the best so far in controlling my symptoms (glycinate or chelated - Drs Best is a good brand) - I take at least 600mg daily in split doses. Gluten is a trigger for more MAV as is barometric pressure drops during storms. Caffeine is also a trigger, so that includes chocolate. I can drink red wine in moderation.

Thanks so much for your feedback! Caffeine and chocolate are also triggers for me so I have previously given them up.
I didn’t gain weight on the verapamil. You should try it if your doctor thinks it would be a good fit.
I have never heard of the magnesium or CoQ10. To what extent have those helped the vertigo? Any other weird symptoms?
And thanks for the info on gluten. I don’t know if I could fully give it up but I could definitely cut it out.

I have been on the migraine diet for four months now and have been doing great! I am being pretty strict with it as I am afraid to experiment. My episodes of vertigo were epic and terrifying…to be avoided at all costs! Avoiding MSG complicates life as it is added to so many products as “natural seasonings” or just “seasonings”, but it is doable if you’re dedicated.

Thanks for your feedback! The diet seems so limited- what do you cook and eat?

I am not very good with the migraine diet. Haha I’m just not that disciplined in general with eating so it’s super hard to do it. :frowning: But NUTS are my biggest trigger it seems along with too much caffeine and MSG in its many hidden forms - look out for natural flavors on food ingredients (processed foods). Even supplements sometimes seem to contain MSG if they are made from gelatin capsules. Not sure. Anyway - worth looking at ingredients on any canned or packaged good. I just ate 4 capsules of B2 and about an hour later my eye and head pressure are MUCH better and I think the migraine is dissipating. Thank goodness!!! Give B2 a shot. I have to be more consistent with taking that alongside magnesium glycerinate at least 400mg a day. xx

I eat granola or eggs and toast for breakfast. I drink tons of water or ginger tea throughout the day. (I add a bit of mango juice to the water to help it go down.) I might eat lunch, might not. I don’t really miss it, but I probably should eat something. Salad would be good. For supper I eat vegetables and a salad every night, with some protein and sometimes a starch (rice, potatoes, pasta plus). I might have popcorn for a snack at night. I always cook with organic food when possible and use organic olive oil. I do eat red meat but small portions. Chicken is okay and I love it. I avoid sugar, chocolate, caffeine, sodas, aged cheese and MSG (like the plague)…it’s really bad news for our brain. Pizza and hotdogs are a no-no. Just eliminate any food that’s been tinkered with (processed). For a dessert I like Italian Ice. Luigi’s mango flavor is very good. You get used to eating healthy and I tell myself it’s good for my health in general, not just to avoid vertigo. Get plenty of sleep and learn to deal with stress. We have sensitive brains and we have to baby them. I hope you will give it a try. It’s so much better than taking a cocktail of drugs. Oh yeah, no alcohol. Hang in there. You’re worth the effort.

Thanks so much for your input. Is sugar a trigger for you? I haven’t heard or read much about it in relation to vertigo.

Hey guys, I’ve had a really rough past few days. I’m not sure why I have a permanent migraine behind my eye but this all started when I started eating nuts this week as well as dairy again. I also had some eggs. I have no idea if it’s diet related. I am starting to take CoQ10 alongside my magnesium and St Johns Wort to see if that helps. I only stopped it because of GI problems but when I was taking it in May I was much better. Hope you guys figure it out soon too - I am still trying to sort out what my triggers are. :frowning: xx

Hey, I would cut out nuts, dairy, and eggs again and see if that helps. If that’s the only thing you have changed it would be a good place to start. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Well, I started taking 400 mg of magnesium once a day with a meal and it gives me really bad GI issues. Do you break it up through out the day?