MAV, Contact Lenses, & Coping

Does anyone have a problem with their contact lenses & MAV? Ever since this thing started 1 month ago for me, I have the most difficult time wearing my contacts. I feel much dizzier in them, and more comfortable wearing my (super dorky) glasses. Switching from glasses to contacts it out of the question, as it makes me feel so unbalanced I actually have to lie down for 20 minutes after I make the switch. I find it very strange, cos I figured since glasses don’t sit right up on your eyes that those would give me a problem, not contact lenses. I have astigmatism too, not sure if that makes a difference

Does anyone else experience something similar? I feel like a lot of the MAV symptoms for me are visual. My eyes will hurt, then I’ll start feeling dizzy and very motion intolerant. Yesterday, I experienced “visual snow” for the first time in one eye, it was pretty scary, but it literally only lasted about 5 seconds. I also “tried to see what would happen” if I started dancing when feeling dizzy last night, NOT a good idea, I almost nearly fell over.

All of this is so depressing and scary for me. I am getting married on September 2nd, and I have NO IDEA how I will make it through the whole day. I don’t want to wear my glasses on my wedding day, I don’t want to feel super dizzy, nor do I want to look back on it years from now remembering how I had MAV and felt like crap. As horrible as it sounds, I just want the wedding to come and go, so I can go back to concentrating on my health. How do you cope? Especially when you have big important events that you cannot skip out on? Any tips would be appreciated

thank you!

Hi Suki

I know what you mean. I often feel dizzier with my lenses in. I often find they seem to cloud over and go blurry too. I wear daily disposables now which I find better in this regard than monthlies.

As for your wedding, I remember dreading feeling ill for my big day, but I didnt. I felt great. so you never know. I’m wondering could you dose up on klonopin or valium just for the day?

Wishing you the very best for the 2nd.

Dizzy izzy x

My eyes have driven me crazy since this all started…very blurry, very dry. I felt worse though with my glasses on. I do think that when I first put the contacts in I feel dizzy, but it takes only a few minutes to feel straight again. I have tried the dailies as well, because my eyes itch soooo bad in my monthly contacts and get so blurry I can’t see!
I think the natural “high” you will be on for your wedding day will keep the horrible symptoms at bay. Best wishes and congrats!

Hi Suki,

I noticed the same thing about contact lenses a few months ago. I have come to believe that it’s not the contact lenses themselves, but the fact you are able to see or pick up visual stimuli when you are wearing them. With this MAV stuff, we are so senstive to stimuli (especially visual). More stimuli ramps up my symptoms. When I am not wearing my contact lenses, I can’t pick up on everything that is going around me and so of course less stimuli. I personally believe that I pick up more peripheral movements wearing contact lenses compared to glasses. Not sure if that makes sense or not, but is just my wacked opinion.:slight_smile:


I was looking into wearing contacts myself. Is MAV something that usually happens to everyone that wears at some point? How long does the condition generally last for you?

I have also noticed that wearing my lenses, esp for more than a few hours makes the MAV worse, i get stingy eyes, cloudyness and more of a dull head thing, its much better when i remove them and wear my glasses.
I think i agree that the visual stimuli is a huge trigger for me and so maybe like the other poster said, the glasses dont allow such great all round vision and so less stimuli??
I hate wearing the glasses so it sucks, maybe i need t go get a jazzy pair or save up for lazer surgery lol

I hate wearing glasses too!! Even though I splurged for a fancy pair last year, I’m just not as comfortable as driving in them [don’t think I can see as well], but if I drive in my contacts I feel lightheaded… which is the lesser of two evils… hmmmmm

Hi Suki,

I had eye laser surgery (PRK, the old one, pre Lasik) in 1996. Before that I was pretty blind (also have astigmatism) and never tolerated contact lenses well and couldn’t wear them for more than about eight hours, even the every soft ones. Back in those days I didn’t have vertigo - my migraines were always with a scintillating scotoma. When that would happen when I had my contact lenses in it would drive me MAD and I would have to rip them out of my eyes. I remember doing that once walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge! I think having the lenses in is just one more distraction/stimulation that our brains don’t like.


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i know this is an old post but i totally get this. I am so sad bc i have always wore contact lenses and now i have to wear my glasses to keep me from being dizzy. as soon as i put my contacts in the world bounces more and it feel like my eyes are skipping a beat. I dont know how to explain it. its horrible though. I too have an astigmatism and i wonder if that contributes to it. i dont want to have to wear my ugly glasses for the rest of my life. i hate them.