MAV Diet question

i had mac and cheese tonight the cheap box stuff is that going to cause an issue is it even real cheese?

Probably MSG in there, right? That could be a problem.

I’d guess there’s MSG in there too. And all cheese that doesn’t look something like is probably a trigger, too.

I eat it at least twice a week with little if any noticable problems. But every one is different. (I have kids and get tired of cooking two meals everytime we sit down for supper.)

For me if I eat something I shouldn’t have I will know in less than twenty minutes. Then there is the other catagory of food that take time, or has to combine with other stuff before it causes problems. Mac & Cheese may fit into this catagory and I just don’t notice it because of the delayed effect.

well iget silent migraines so it is impossible to even tell what my triggers are cause i cant feel any pain

It may depend on the amount of msg that you consume at one time. For example…in some chinese food they put a pretty good amount of msg in their food. Some chinese resteraunts i do fine while others i have had a reaction.