MAV docs

Hi Adam, ive been trying to find a good doc to help with diagnosis,
here in Australia Queensland . i live in brisbane area and would happily travel if need be, i’m need to see someone who is familiar with MAV my neuro completly dismissed me when i asked about mav. and said its rare,
you mention Dr GM Halmagyi in Sydney, and i was thinking if i had his number i could call and ask him for doc who specialise in MAV or have an interest in this subject. thankyou so much in advance. jenny

Hi Jenny,
Your post is pretty old and you may have already tracked a neuro down but
I live in northern NSW, and travelled to Brisbane to see a VRT therapist she suggested I see a neurologist by the name of Cecile Lander, who specialises in migraines. She said her clients all say she’s been wonderful… I’ve been trying to make an appointment but not sure if the office is closed over Christmas but will try ringing again on Monday.