MAV doctor in Houston?

I’m looking for a doctor in Houston, or anywhere in Texas for that matter, that knows what this MAV stuff is all about. I am tired of going to neurologists that just don’t quite get it, and frankly haven’t been able to help me that much. They tend to just blow over the dizziness issues as just another symptom of migraines. They don’t realize how very much the dizziness effects the quality of life.

Hi Kim,

Found this person on the internet at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. I have no knowledge of his work. Would call and speak to his nurse/or him directly to ask him if he would be the right person to see.
Hope it helps.

Dr. Mark Newcomer,0,32867_Dr_Mark_Newcomer_MD_&fpSB=lName&fpNR=50&fpJump=0&fpType=&firstName=&lastName=&gender=Any&language=Any&we

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