MAV Drugs

I know everyone is different but what drugs have the lowest side effects. I am very med sensitive. i got hot flashes bad with two antidepressants i have tried and i know one class of migraine meds is antidepressants so any luck witht he other two classes?

I haven’t noticed any side effects with Verapamil so far. It wiped out the dizziness & vertigo. Unfortunately it seems like now that the vertigo is gone, I’m back to weekly headaches.

I’ve noticed some people take neurontin(sp?). My husband takes that - he’s post-kidney transplant, high blood pressure, diabetes. Not sure why he’s taking it … how does it help MAV?

Agree wity Joy…Verapamil has very little side affects. After taking this medication over 2 months i began to receive some improvement with the motion and tension in my head. I am currently near 4 months and some of the motion and tension has returned. So i feel a bit discouraged about this medication at this time. But everyone is different and i could work for you.