Mav featured on embarrassing bodies ch4

Did anyone see Embarassing Bodies on channel 4 in the uk last night?

Apparently they featured a mav-er and showed her visiting dr s…

I’m yet to watch it as I’m really grossed out by the programme which usually features disgusting stuff! In fact, actually, how is mav embarrassing? You shouldn’t be embarrassed by it!

Have instructed boyfriend to watch it online and find the exact time I’m the program that it comes on so as to avoid the penis’ with tags caused by excessive friction, and the people with 2 anus’… (no kidding, that was in last wks episode apparently!)

Ok, lovely boyfriend watched it for me, and the lady pops up at 17mins in and again at 36and a half minutes in… Doesn’t tell us much more than we already know but its good to see this recognised on tv. She seems so happy to have seen Dr S, and to finally get a diagnosis! I could reslly idemtify there! Hope she’s doing well still.

Link to show:

MAV is a matter of public health, and it is far under recognized! We need to have it on the news, on medical programs, etc…

Even though its odd to feature it on a program with that name, at least the word is getting out! I dont have MAV, but I encounter a lot of people with probable cases on other medical forums.

Hi MM,

I found this link:

I don’t agree with the opening paragraph where they say:

There are a number of different balance disorders, and balance problems can often be a symptom of other conditions, so getting a diagnosis will often take a bit of investigation from a GP or audiology specialist. The four most common balance problems are: BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) where crystals move into the wrong part of the body’s balance system in the ear canals, causing dizziness and a spinning sensation. Vestibular neuritis is caused by a viral infection, and requires the brain to be ‘retaught’ to compensate for the changed balance sensation, though the success rate for this treatment is very high. Labyrinthitis is another bacterial or viral infection that causes spinning and hearing loss, whilst the least common condition is called Meniere’s disease, which requires more extensive treatment.

Somehow migraine was missed in that list! Here’s what Hain has to say about migraine and vertigo:

“Migraine simply causes far more vertigo than any other condition.”

I think he’s right when you consider that migraine affects approximately 12% of the population (16% in women and 8% in men according to 2008 data). Of that group, about 25% experience vertigo with their migraine condition. Let’s do the maths for the UK:

Population (2010) = 62,262,000

12% of 62,262,000 = 7,4714,40 with migraine

25% of 7,4714,40 = 1,867,860 experience vertigo

So that means about 1.8 million British people have or are experiencing vertigo as a result of migraine. I’d say that probably blows BPPV, labs, VN and Meniere’s away by a long shot.

What a crazy show! Two butt holes. :lol:


Oh yeah- that link of text is rubbish… I thought the same. It’s odd, because they didnt mention any of the bbpv etc in the actual show… So in one sense, yay for the program featuring mav, but a massive thumbs down for not helping us dizzy migraineur people in being understood, by not even mentioning migraine in that txt!

Jeez- when you do the maths, that’s pretty mental… Why are there not more of us on here or other dizzy forums?!

And 2 butt holes… Yep, that’s us weirdos in the uk for ya :lol:

Hi guys,

Yeah, I also saw this story which screened here in Melbourne the other week. I don’t normally watch the show either. Like you, I find it a bit disturbing and more than a bit revolting. It came on after I stopped playing something I’d recorded and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the dizzy woman and they started talking about migraine and couldn’t hit the ‘record’ button quickly enough! Agree, the context is weird - MAV is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Mind you, perhaps someone could convince some of my friends of that - the blank or quizzical looks when I try and explain end up making me feel like a hump backed monster to the point that these days I don’t usually bother trying to explain.

I must admit I did smile to myself in cynical fashion when the girl trotted into the doc’s surgery two weeks later and the GP asked how she was going. The girl was so optimistic and positive about getting better now that she had been diagnosed. Haven’t we all been there. Finding out it is migraine-related - yay! I’ll be cured! Finding out about physio - yay! I’ll be cured! Finding a specialist who puts you on some meds. Yay! I’ll be… you get my drift. After a few years it’s hard not to get jaded.

Maybe she’ll pop up on the boards sometime. Hopefully for her sake she’ll find treatment that will work for her. I still hold out hope we all will :slight_smile:

My brother in law is trying to be a PA. It’s good to know he can find