MAV important cause of perimenopausal dizziness

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A new article of interest mainly for the ladies:

[size=140]Vestibular migraine may be an important cause of dizziness/vertigo in perimenopausal period.[/size]
Medical Hypotheses. 5 Aug 2010


thanks for this Scott - I may have to offer myself up as the poster child for this :lol: although I was hoping to get to at least mid 40s before the menopausal fun would begin …

Thanks for this one too Scott.
Lorcalon - can I join you on the poster?

So is the conclusion that more studies have to be done, but it’s possible that HRT could help?
That would be great. My dizziness etc…is daily…not affected by my cycle as far as I can tell.
Thanks for sharing!!

Sian - the more the merrier LOL


My poor Mom - gone now - didn’t know what hit her, but she was 53 when the dizziness came on. Exact same age for me. Most women have gone through menopause by then, but not us.


Lucky for me, I got sent early on to someone who actually knew what this was.

As for Mom, my youngest brother still lived at home - I was away at college at the time - but he describes her having to crawl from her bedroom to our only upstairs bathroom in the morning because she was too dizzy to walk. I feel so bad for her.

I’m glad they’re finally getting the word out - thanks for this info, Scott.

Thanks Scott,
I’ll show my Doc.