MAV is insane

Its amazing what I can and can’t do with MAV.

For instance, this evening I have cycled 70km climbing some massive climbs which were physically exhausting… make me stand still for a few minutes and I feel horrible…


how can I do such things and feel great, and other sedentary things and feel crap… F U MAV hahahaha

i agree. i can walk and run fast with no symptoms. the moment i start to walk slow the rocking begins. but im on meds. without meds the rocking is there 24/7 lol

I say this same sentence about 8000x a day… there is no rhyme or reason to this bs. :x

Weird, I’m 100% the opposite, if I’m still I’m OK, as soon as I start walking I feel rocking/off balance…but I also have ZERO energy so couldn’t even contemplate a bike ride like that! You’re lucky Richy. xx