MAV medication intolerance

Hello all from the other side of the world (Greece),

I had my first MAV attack in 2005 and I managed to get over it with 6 months of Sibelium (flunarizine, 10mg) and two years of Lexapro (escitalopram, 10mg for the first year, 5mg for the second). After this first encounter with MAV, I was fine until March 2012 when, after a depression period, things started to get bad again (dizziness, disequilibrium, nausea, photophobia, visual disturbances on a near 24/7 basis), and I’ve been suffering from MAV ever since.

The (big) problem is that this time I’ve developed a strong intolerance to medication: I’ve tried Sibelium and Lexapro (again), Effexor, Wellbutrin, Buspar, Propranolol, Valium and Xanax, but the result was fainting (or near-fainting) and hives, even with very small doses. The only medication that has not caused a bad reaction is Lexotanil, but this is not a prophylactic drug. The doctors I’ve spoken to don’t seem to have an answer as to what’s causing this intolerance (or how to overcome it), but they suspect a mild case of dysautonomia.

Has anyone had similar experiences of intolerance to meds? Do you think that this can be dealt with by taking herbal medication and/or supplements? Do you have any other ideas on what I could do?

In short: help!! :cry:



Hi Poisson,

Sorry seems no one replied to you. Yes there are natural things with clinical proof like magnesium, CoQ10, B2 and a few others with some history like Feverfew and Butterbur.

Magnesium is the biggest one from what I understand. If you get migraines, you need to take magnesium.

Look thru the survivors guide that Scott has put up. It’s really good.

Hope you are feeling better!