MAV/Migraine treatment tips
Nothing unique to be honest, but more opinions are good in my opinion (no pun intended!). :slight_smile:

The forum itself looks interesting, by the way!

looks like another good forum for the dizzy patient. be sure to pass on anything that looks good, if you’re going to be checking them out. If was funny, i went to the link, and thought I had found myself back at our MAV site. I got confused for a second :slight_smile:

I do my best to listen to the “bad cop.” But in all honesty the attitude that “If you do this you will get better! If you don’t get better it is your fault!” annoys me.

I managed my migranes by myself for years, by carefully doing what I had been told by a doctor in my mid-20s. Then things started to happen. In the past 2 years my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, I got married, my father passed away, I got pregnant, we lost the baby, and now my mother is in hospice. About a year ago my dizzness started and just the past 2 months my headaches have started to increase a lot in both frequency and intensity.

I follow the diet more strictly then I did two years ago, cut out caffeene all the way (which I was using before), and am careful to sleep the same number of hours every day (although I do shift my schedule by 1 hour on the weekends.) Still my headaches spike.

My new otoneurologist (who I LOVE!) thinks stress and hormones are to blame. He sees many women my age (33) who have not had babies or who have lost them whose migranes appear to get worse.

I NEVER take over the counter pain meds. I try my best to limit myself to two abortives a week. But my headaches continue to escalate (although my dizzness is getting better.) My biggest triggers right now, stress and hormones, I cannot control. And it is not my fault. It is my responsibilty to try to manage my triggers and symptoms, but that is all…