MAV Relapse Anyone?

anyone ever relapse with MAV?? For 6 months now I havent had much dizziness some eye issues and blah and wierd disassociating and falling feelings but the 24/7 dizzu vestibular stuff was just about gone and now all of a sudden it is like i warped to 6 months ago and i can barely get off the couch cause i am dizzy and legs are wobbly…is this a blip?? How long to get through it a few days…a week…month…or another 15 months to get to the point i was at 3 days ago??I am sooo not strong enough to do this all over again and I cant cancel the huge party next sat as i have people that made reservations etc and the kids are so excited so either way i have to do it but i am just praying i can get through this blip before then? is that possible? or am i in it for another long haul? i have been taking nortriptyline 10mg for a month now and i guess that helped and we are uppping next month but will this peter out before that or is there at least a chance of that?

Relapses? I’m not sure what you mean by that. I still experience the occasional dizzy spell that can last anywhere from a few hour to the whole day. They can very anywhere in strength from just slowing me down, to putting me on the couch.

If you are talking about the dreaded 24/7 dizzies, the only time that I expereinced that was when a doctor perscribed me a med that conflicted with my MAV medications. I quit taking the med and things went back to what I call normal now within a day or two.

If the 24/7 dizzies has returned, and nothing has changed regarding your meds, take a look at your daily life and see if any thing has changed: stress level, diet, sleeping habbits.

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i have been taking nortriptyline 10mg for a month now and i guess that helped and we are uppping next month but will this peter out before that or is there at least a chance of that?

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I just re-read your post. Is the Nortriptyline new? Or have you just worked yourself up to that dosage level. The reason I ask is that is the medication that caused me problems and I quit without consulting any doctors. I went back to the 24/7 dizzies and things quickly got worse, to the point I was taking two or three partial days off from work because I just couldn’t do my job.

no it is not new I started it in the begining of May at 10 mg and we are still at 10mg and not going to up it till july cause june is too hectic for me…i dont think it is the meds i did have a stressed out day (with a picnic, a fire, and a parents night) and then all this crap came marching in and i just havent felt this bad in 6 months so it is a horrible shocker cause i was doing so well i was so busy adn getting stuff done and been planning this party since JANUARY!!! and now it is in 6 days and who knows how long this thing will last…tuesday i need to make nine cups of frosting and premake frosting flowers for my daughters cake, wednesday i need to set up screenhouses and canopies and tables, thursday morning i need to set up a bounce house, slip n slide and a kiddie pool then in the afternoon bake 3 cakes and decorate one, friday decorate the other cake, saturday decorate and make all the platters and stuff and entertain 60 people!There is no way I can cancel nor would i do that for my kids…three days ago this wouldnt have been too difficult

Sounds like your stress level may be up just a little. :lol: When I get a bunch of things going on like that, I TRY to take a little time to myself. I do this usually in the form of a nap, or just laying down, and letting my thoughts go. Even if I don’t fall asleep, the relaxation I get can be enough to recharge my batteries and get me going with reduced dizzies.

I have bought a couple of relaxation CD’s that talk you through various relaxation techniques. By itself, the relaxation stuff I do doesn’t do much but when you add it in with everything else I do for my sypmtoms, I do it helps during stressfull days or just a normal dizzy spell that I get from time to time.