MAV symptoms exacerbated by a cold or flu

I know some of you have said that having a cold or the flu can increase your MAV symptoms. I’ve just had a relatively mild cold and yesterday I started feeling nauseous, more dizzy, achey, weak, and just generally WEIRD. My husband has had the cold too and he’s on his way to feeling fully normal. I’m just wondering for those who’ve experienced this if it sounds like this is an exacerbation of my MAV and generally how long this increase in symptoms related to a cold has lasted for you. I’ve already taken a couple days off of work and am nervous this is going to continue on this way because it’s no longer the cold but just my body playing odd tricks on me as it likes to do these days :roll:

Hey Adrir,

Sorry to hear about your cold. Just over 2 weeks ago I was hit with a pretty bad cold as well – started on a Saturday morning with a sore throat. By Monday morning the aches, pains and headache were off the charts and by about Friday, after my nose started running like a tap, and the whole virus had really moved into my head, the MAV symptoms increased significantly. I felt very weird as you mention. I would also add detached from everything, very low on energy, very flat emotionally in the morning, and just overall crap. I still have some residual dry cough but I’m very much back to baseline again. I’d say it took 2 weeks all up to feel right again from start to finish.

Hang in there and try your best to ignore it. I took valium when it was too annoying.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott. Glad to hear you’re getting over it.

I often find my migraine symptoms can be worse if I’m sick with something else, eg cold/flu. Usually lasts for the duration of the other illness.

Thanks! I’m feeling a bit more normal today so maybe it was just the tail-end of the cold making things a bit heavier.