Mav symptoms

I have wondered before if there were similarities between Menieres and Mav and it appears that there is. I know some of you have said that flourescent lighting triggers your dizziness, but do any of you also have problems with uneven flooring or being on a surface that vibrates? For example: The upper section at a stadium or a mall? Can MAV sufferers
have few headaches , but constant dizziness?

I have had NO headaches ever, but constant dizziness…so yes, it is possible !

MAVers can definitely not have a headache history. Floors are always uneven for me.

YES!!! I don’t get much in the way of headaches, but constant sense of dizziness and nausea - exacerbated by all the things you mention and more.


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Any floor that vibrates throws my equalibrum off. Even when the MAV is under control.
I have being on the 3rd or 4th floor of a building. Minor earthquakes are freaky.