MAV Trigger - long shot question - glycerin

So far I have been unable to find a trigger for my vertigo. I’ve been able to find plenty of triggers for the constant feeling of motion sickness I have (lights, movement, odors, etc) but nothing for the actual severe incapacitating rotational vertigo.

Except for the possibility of glycerin. I’ve searched all over the web and have seen nothing about this being a trigger for migraine or MM or any kind of vertigo. However, for reasons I won’t go into right now (too detailed and kind of boring) I suspect glycerin may be a trigger for my vertigo. The closest I could find to anything about this on the web were a couple of posts from people who claimed to be allergic to glycerin but they were told by the doctor it was impossible as glycerin is being produced by the body all the time and therefore one couldn’t be allergic to it.

I’m not saying I’m allergic to it, just wondering if this could be a trigger. And if it is always being produced by the body that would explain why I always feel motion sick and when I have had vertigo attacks that could be when I had something that happened to have more glycerin in it than the norm.

I’m not a scientist/biologist so I don’t know how glycerin affects the body or if it is actually being produced in the body all the time as I read. But maybe there is someone here who is of a more scientific mind who can tell me if it is possible this could be a trigger for me.