Mav vertigo may correlate but not be caused by migraines

I just wonder what you people think of this. The word “associated” in mav can be interpreted in either way:

  1. Migraines are causing vertigo
  2. There is a correlation between the vertigo and migraines, but that doesnt necessarily mean that migraines are actually causing the vertigo. As an example; rich people may usually be happy, but that doesnt say that its because theyre rich that theyre happy (or vice versa), it can be another quality which makes them both happy and rich.

In other words, it could be some problem with the brain that gives both vertigo and a lot of migraines, perhaps a lack/excess of certain neurotransmitters.

Hi Mikael,

You’re absolutely correct – correlation does not automatically mean causation. And given the lack of hard evidence for an actual migraine cause, the jury is still out. So yes, it could be that another system is screwed up which causes both migraine and vertigo (such as trouble with calcium channels etc). I think based on the evidence to date, the migraine phenomenon probably does cause the vertigo. Another question worth asking is, “what is migraine in the first place”? We are likely just an unfortunate group of migraineurs where the migraine process effects areas of the brain responsible for balance. Whether that be the brain itself or pathways leading to the inner ear, or the inner ear is anyone’s guess. If scientists can work out the precise mechanism it would lead to some better drugs. There may be more than one mechanism as well!

Scott 8)